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19 March 2014 Written by  Kachelle Kelly

Transcending from Good to Great in Business Part 2

Last week of Transcending from Good to Great in Business, we covered Consistency, this week we explore Competence & Connectivity. Personal and business development is necessary for growth. As you grow, your business grows also. The mindset of great business owners is the key to their success. Competency comes from constantly learning and attending seminars and events held by leaders in your field. I have a rule of thumb to never know less than my clients, and if there is something that I don’t know, I quickly learn it. I gather knowledge by reading business books and magazine articles to sharpen my mindset and follow trends. I also attend online webinars and teleseminars to manage my time wisely. Often times we get caught up in the “bright shiny object” syndrome of running around the country to high-priced events, teaching things we already know. So as you increase your competency in your field, choose your learning activities wisely to ensure they can be turned into a money-generating activity. Be sure to watch trendsetters in your line of work and constantly learn from them, but never be afraid to follow your gut to also set trends. Hire competent staff members that will improve your productivity so you can focus on those things you do best in your business. Incompetency is very costly to any business.

As small business owners, we have the tendency to dock on an island by ourselves. Connection to other business owners is not only healthy, but productive. Seek others that share your same forward thinking and level of success to bounce around ideas. Join a mastermind group, hire a business coach or interact with those in your network to create a strategy for excellence and build a community of thought leaders.

Kachelle Kelly is founder of Kachelle Kelly International, Inc., a small business & empowerment coaching firm. Kachelle coaches career driven women & men to not only activate their hustle but faith by providing them with innovative ideas, strategies, resources and empowerment to achieve authentic success, profitability, peace and happiness in their business and life. She is a member of the National Association of Professional Women and the NAPW 2012-2013 “Woman of the Year” for Consulting & Coaching for Texas. Kachelle is also the author of "Pretty Painful" and "Boss Men & Women Pray: 31 Prayers to Increase Your Success & Spirit". For more information visit www.kachellekelly.com

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