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14 August 2013 Written by  Ashura Bayyan

Who Is Tariq Muhammad?

“See You at the Top” is a new weekly business feature which offers profiles of young Houstonians who have demonstrated ambition and excellence in leadership.

21-year-old Tariq Muhammad is a 2009 graduate of Lamar High School. Tariq began his college career at Florida A&M University as a Pharmacy major, but, after not feeling satisfied with the experiences offered within the major he transferred to U of H to study Engineering upon recommendation from his mother. He is now in his fourth collegiate year, with two years remaining as a Civil Engineering Major. He plays the piano and violin,Tariq Muhammad enjoys bowling, hanging out with friends and going out to eat. He desires to be a servant to the people, and expects that the business knowledge of real estate (which he learned from his father) paired with the technical knowledge of Engineering will be of great benefit to the future of his community.

 In speaking with Tariq you will notice that he is sharp, and expresses his thoughts clearly, rapidly and with great detail, which likely suits him well in his leadership positions in and out of school. He is a member of both the NAACP and the National Society of Black Engineers, where he serves as the Finance Chair; acting as liaison between companies such as Shell, BP, and Chevron for support of the organizations scholarships. He also serves as a Youth Representative for the Nation of Islam Student Association at Mosque #45, and is one of the co-founders of the TR(YOU)TH Summit, a conference held to take a unified approach to provide a blueprint for the future in the lives of the youth.

Because he has a passion for helping people, Tariq wanted to be in the medical field for a long time before college, even considering the pediatric field due to his love of children, but the study of Civil Engineering sits well with what he has decided his life direction will be. Tariq strives to be a positive leader and a servant to the people, and before Lamar he attended Johnson Middle School, which greatly affected his desire to excel academically. For him, Johnson laid a great foundation for what a school should be like, and his ambition is to someday open an all male high school, specializing in Mathematics, Science, and Music. Tariq says, “If you don’t know how to read, you are pretty much dead. If you don’t have a knowledge of reading and vocabulary, then you are unable to operate in this society successfully. School may not be for everyone, but education is. Our current school system doesn’t prepare the students for what happens after you graduate and your Plan A falls through. Our School system doesn’t provide us with a strong foundation.”  He believes a strong foundation in mathematics, science, and music is necessary for a society to be able to build and maintain a strong self-sufficient community. 

His plan is to make money in order to fuel his dreams using the passion and drive instilled in him by Islam, which is the foundation of his life. The Nation of Islam has helped him to have a vision of helping other people. 

We’ll be looking for him at the top.

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