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25 June 2013 Written by  Ryan George

You Ain’t My Mama!

What do we do when school teachers, organization leaders, church members, and adults around the community disrespect us as youth?

For example, a teacher once called me a “jerk” and a “waste of space.” Was it my responsibility to raise my voice and cause a scene for what he said to me? No!

Many times, a teenager may start an argument out of hate, but what if an adult says something that causes the teenager to lose their temper? Do we as teenagers have the right to put an adult “in their place,” or should we just let the situation go?

Too many times, I’ve seen teenagers arguing with an adult, whether it was at school, at church or around the community. A teacher may have said something rude to you like, “You will never be anything,” or an adult may have even raised their voice at you.

I am not saying that adults have the right to disrespect us or that anyone should be disrespected, but as teenagers we should stay in our place. We should treat others the way we want to be treated. Some teens feel the need to disrespect an adult after that adult has said something that was out of line. Adults are adults, and no matter what they say or do, I believe we should always show them respect, primarily because they are our elders.

Of course, there are those adults who do not know how to deal with teenagers and many of them nag at people our age, thinking that every teenager is up to no good. As much as we probably would love to put them in check, we must still recognize that they are still adults.

The best way to deal with disrespectful adults is to prove them wrong. We, as teenagers and young adults, want to be treated with respect. There are ways to let adults know how you feel about the things that they may have said or done, but we must be respectful in doing so. There is no excuse for a teenager to disrespect any adult under any circumstances, even if they have been disrespected.

I’m just sayin…

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