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10 July 2013 Written by  Jamey Watts

NBA: Modern Day Slave Trade

Hmmm… I know this headline has probably gotten some people's eyes bucked and their eyebrows raised, but although there are distinct comparisons between the NBA and slavery, there are also undeniable similarities.

Back in the slave days, slaves were sold at an auction. Slaves waited around hoping NOT to get picked.  They stepped on the podium, where the slave owners would inspect them.  They checked for injuries and how good they looked. Slave owners didn’t just want anybody; they wanted the best.  Who could work the hardest?  Who was going to make them the most profit?  In approximately two minutes, the bidding would start…

NBA Slave Trade

Just like in the days of slavery, the NBA sends their men to camps, where they showcase their skills to see who the best is.  Team owners don’t just want anybody; they want the best.  At the NBA draft, players wait around hoping to get picked.  Whomever the owners believe is the best player, always gets picked first and then millions of dollars are spent on them.  But before players are chosen, the owner only has two minutes on the clock to pick their player and make their announcement…

I’m old enough to know that a slave owner didn’t want any slave if they were too old and frail; neither does an NBA owner.  

NBA owners don't see a need for a player who is old and can't do the work they need to get done.  Annually, slave auctions would occur, just like the NBA draft, with potential owners hoping to get better, stronger and more quality people.  It’s time to buy someone new…

I’m not going to make this a Black and White thing, because not only were there Black slaves, there were White slaves.  In comparison, there are not only Black NBA basketball players, there are White players as well.  But I will say this, the majority of slave owners were White and so far, only White men have had the pleasure of being commissioner of the NBA.

Slavery was once a thriving business and now the NBA is a thriving business.  In the society we live in, it seems as if this trend will never change.  Things are simply disguised…



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