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17 July 2013 Written by  Jamey Watts

Teacher-Student relationships: The Criss-Cross Mindset

Why do teachers pursue students? Is it because of the 3 L's: love, lust, and loneliness? Some people call teacher-student relationships a crime but I beg to differ. Love can never be a crime, but having a sexual relationship between a teacher and a student is definitely unacceptable.

Some older women claim that they can't find a man that will give them what they want and need so they seek love and lust after younger boys and eventually, a relationship is formed. Some older men also claim that they can't find a woman to pleasure them so they go after younger girls. In both instances, teachers begin to grow closer and closer with the student and their sense of loneliness is gone.

Teacher Student

 Psychologists claim that teachers who pursue students  are stuck in a teenager's mindset and they see nothing wrong with having relations with students. A teacher that was caught having an affair with a student once said, "I was thinking of [myself] as a young girl who got caught with her boyfriend." Just because the teacher is stuck in a teenager's mindset does not make it acceptable to have sexual relations with a student.

 Back in the day, teachers had been rumored to having sexual relations with students; it just was not brought into the light. It still did not make these licentious affairs okay.

 On the other hand, some educators feel that they are young enough to relate to us and that we are old enough to relate to them, resulting in boundaries being crossed. Although the student might enjoy having sexual relations with their teacher, the teacher needs to realize that it is still unacceptable.

The bottom line facts of the issue are:
• Teachers that are stuck in this premature mindset don't need mental help, they just need to grow up and find someone other than one of their students.
• Teachers always tell us to stay in a child's place, but they need to stay in a teacher's place.
• Teachers must learn to respect the boundaries, and stay true to their profession.

But you know, with all of the above being said, even though teachers and students in a relationship is unacceptable, some still may argue that "age ain't nothing but a number..."

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