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26 June 2013 Written by  Amarie Gipson and Nailah Scott

Should Miguel be Sued for Performance Incident?

The Issue: There is a lot of talk surrounding popular R&B singer Miguel's possible lawsuit. During the live performance of his hit single "Adorn," at the Billboard Awards on May 19, Miguel leaped from one platform to another landing on several unsuspecting fans.   As seen after the show, Miguel appeared backstage with one of the fans who Miguel’s leg had fallen on, to issue her an apology and an interview. A month after the incident, that fan, 21-year old Khyati Shah, claims to have been experiencing cognitive difficulties and is considering a lawsuit. Miguel's representative says, "A number of attempts were made to reach Khyati and her lawyer after the performance to see how she was doing and whether any assistance could be offered.”  However, there appears that there was never any communication.

Sources state that Miguel rehearsed the leap before the show, and the producers gave him to right away to proceed with the action.

Question: Do you think that Miguel should be sued for this incident and should he be the only one held responsible?

 1 Dominique Silas - “No, accidents happen. She took the chance when she decided to sit by the stage.”



David Sanchez - “People get into car accidents everyday, but if you hit the other person it is your fault and you have to pay. He didn’t do it on purpose, but it happened and so he should pay.”

3  Albert Monroe - “No, he shouldn’t be sued because it wasn’t intentional. When you pay for stage front seats like that, you should be prepared for any minor mess up. A performer might fall off stage on somebody. Should they be sued for that? NO!  If that person that they fell on was in a different seat, further up, they wouldn’t have gotten hurt.”

 4   Tamara Rivers - “Charge her confusion up to head trauma. He flew off the stage and kicked her head like a wild karate reject. Dude, you’re not Chris Brown, he should have stayed in his place.”


As an avid Miguel listener, I don't think it's fair for him to be sued.
He was given the okay by the Billboard producers to proceed with the stunt.
 For the fan to complain about injuries a MONTH after the incident seems a
little suspect. I personally think Shah's attorney is the fuel behind the
 lawsuit idea, and it took him a month to get her on board with attacking 
Miguel. Shah probably now realizes that she can capitalize off of this 
incident, even though Miguel reached out with care and concern to help her.
I'm anxious to see the medical records, then we shall know which way the
 wind blows.

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