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22 July 2013 Written by  Amarie Gipson

“Twerk Miley Miley”

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The Issue: America’s sweet heart Miley Cyrus has come back to pop America with a brand new attitude. Miley has forcefully integrated herself into “hood culture,” sporting grills and gold chains everywhere that she goes.

The former Disney darling has developed a “fetish” for twerking, a provocative dance that is predominantly associated with hip hop music. The skill has made headlines and recently landed her on stage with rapper Juicy J while he performed his street rap anthem “Bandz Will Make Her Dance.” Her twerking has even been mentioned in a verse of Jay Z’s song “Somewhereinamerica.”

In a sit down with songwriters for her new single, “We Can’t Stop,” she stated, “I want urban, I just want something that feels black.” The single was also produced by Mike WiLL, who is famous for making strip club anthems. Her musical evolution has caught many of her fans completely by surprise. Some are describing it as “awkwardly timed, uncomfortable, and inappropriate”, others say it is “edgy and sophisticated.”

The Question: What is your take on Miley Cyrus’ new persona?

Khadijzah Williams “I feel it's not who she is as a person. I feel she's trying to show off for people or pretend to be something she's not and it looks bad. People praise her for doing what she does but will laugh or call someone whose black "ratchet" or ghetto for doing the same things.” - Khadijzah Williams




Adayshia Davis“I think her new attitude is pretty inappropriate. She’s setting a bad example for the young girls who idolized her as Hannah Montana.” - Adayshia Davis






  Joy Maduka 

“She’s very expressive now and seems a lot more confident in her  own skin.  Her new style is amazing, and I admire that she’s taking risks. I love the new her.”  - Joy Maduka



Jennifer Zaragoza“I loved Miley before she started showing her skin. She is trying too hard. She should stay young while she can. The whole twerk thing is inappropriate, I can’t get into it.” - Jennifer Zaragoza



What do I think?

I think Miley’s failed relationships and constant media criticism have caused her to act out. I’m not in favor of her new attitude, and cannot seem to understanding why she has become so infatuated with strip clubs, grills, trap music, and everything HOOD. Let’s just assume this is a phase. Whatever the case may be, she has definitely made a statement.






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