Houston Forward Times

31 July 2013 Written by  Ryan George


I am so lost when I hear songs and I listen to my friends referring to themselves and their peers as  “Bad B----’s.” Are we degrading ourselves and the generations to come by thinking it is okay to be one or does being called a “Bad B----” give us high self-esteem?

The phrase “Bad B----” has a double meaning. tyga-nicki-minajIt could be offensive to most girls depending on who uses the phrase. A lot of girls think highly of themselves and become defensive when other fellas and ladies call them a “Bad B----.” Why would you want to be a “Bad B----” instead of a classy female?

Nicki Minaj has a song where she says over and over again, “I’m a “Bad B----.” Tyga says in one of his songs that he only wants a “Bad B----.” In Webbie’s song, he described a “Bad B----” as a female that cooks and cleans; she’s far from any average chick and has a sexual side to her as well. Maybe the music we listen to does have an effect on us. I’m not saying not to listen to the music, but do we have to live by what the music is saying? Let’s be honest! Are you really a “Bad B----?”

In Lupe Fiasco’s song “B---- Bad” he explains how it is bad to be a b----, but instead it’s good to be a lady but it’s even better to be a woman. As boys grow up they begin to think that girls really are b----s instead of women, and as girls become older they then try to be like the “Bad B----” that they see and hear in the songs.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want a “Bad B----!” I want a woman…

I’m just sayin…

MAA WereReady