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31 July 2013 Written by  McKayla Jones

Mean Girls

Mean GirlsWhat is maturity? Does it come with age, the type of clothes you wear, or with the people whom you hang around? Really, maturity is something that is in the mind. It is being able to finally know who you are and what you will accept. So the reality is that some people, no matter what age they are will never reach maturity. I don’t understand how as teens we say that we are grown when we sometimes act as if we are in elementary school.
    As kids, we act very childish. I mean, why not? We don’t have any worries. If we are lucky, we don’t have bills, a job to go to, or the responsibility of taking care of kids. But what we are responsible for is our actions and our behavior when we are in both in front of, or away from our parents. High school is where it all starts. It is where you begin to learn what type of person you are going to be in life. For me, high school gives you a taste of what the real world will be like. In high school, you have different groups of people. You have your athletes, band members, cheerleaders and the regular mean girls who are not participating in anything, but instead, spend (or I should say waste) their time talking about other people.
    Mean girls are always going to have something to say about you, especially if they don’t like you. Do you ever wonder why the mean girls don’t like you? Why they talk about you all the time? The real reason is because they have low self-esteem, so they figure that if they talk about other people, then people won’t see their flaws.
    Most girls love being the topic of discussion. I know I do! I love when people compliment me. Mean girls enjoy being the topic of discussion too, but what they fail to realize is that people aren’t saying good things about them. They are mostly negative, because nobody really likes a mean girl. Forget how cute Regina George was in the movie, in the real world, being a mean girl is not something that is cute. In fact, it makes you look like a bully. Mean girls talk behind your back because they are afraid of confrontation. I believe that the problem is not that they don’t like other people; instead, they are unhappy with themselves. They want to be in everybody else’s business and then forget to mind their own.
    Those mean girls that were in high school turn out to be that mean boss that you can’t stand or that co-worker who talks about everyone in the office. I’m not trying to point the finger at anyone in particular because I know that if I see someone looking ratchet, I’m going to say something. But although I may fall short, I do try to accept people for who they are. As young ladies, we need to take a look in the mirror and work on ourselves before we can talk about anyone else.

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