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31 July 2013 Written by  Amarie Gipson

 “Can I Get 2 Pair?”

Jeremy Scott AdidasThe Issue: Sneaker culture has thrived for decades, but shoe companies have increasingly capitalized on the demand for one-of-a-kind kicks. Collectors, known as sneaker-heads, have lined up to pay hundreds, even thousands of dollars to ensure few people are wearing the same shoes.

Cities all over the nation host huge conventions dedicated to the sneaker culture, Houston holding the largest of the many. The biannual H-Town Sneaker Summit caters to the desires of collectors, creating an electrifying urban atmosphere.

 Sneaker designers and manufacturers have racked up thousands of dollars in profits from this never ending craze. Fanatics, world wide, go to extreme lengths to score the most exclusive pairs of kicks. In some cities, new releases have even put fans in dangerous situations. Who would have known that a fresh pair of kicks could get you robbed, assaulted or even shot to death? Talk about death over designer..

Question: What is your take on the hype around sneaker culture?

 James Williams James Williams - “I’d say that I was born into the sneaker culture. My parents would always keep a fresh pair of sneakers on me. My collection is constantly on the rise. I can honestly say that I’m a sneaker-head. I usually spend around $6000 a year on limited addition and classic pairs of sneakers.”

 Trey Fresh 


Trey Fresh - “I’m absolutely a sneaker-head. Shoes are the gateway to stylish clothing. I believe they’re a necessity to a person's wardrobe. But with age, I had to let the younger collectors cop the newest pairs. I stick with the classics."

Justin Shelby  Justin Shelby - “I wouldn’t consider myself a sneaker-head, but I do appreciate a classic pair of sneakers. I don't think it's necessary to always the newest kicks; it should not cost someone their life."

 Will Lockett2  Will Lockett - "I would consider myself a sneaker-head. I collect shoes because I love them not because everybody else does. One time I scraped up $25 worth of coins around my house, to make sure I could afford a pair of Jordans."

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