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14 August 2013 Written by  McKayla Jones

What’s the Real Meaning of Cheating?

What is the real meaning of cheating? Is it a kiss, a hug, or just a text message? We have got this thing we call cheating all mixed up. Especially boys, they think that just because they don't call the next girl their girlfriend, then they aren't cheating and that's just crazy to me.  

For me, cheating is a form of disrespect to your partner. Black Woman CheatingIf you call up one of your old girlfriends and ask to chill with them, that's cheating. Why would you want to chill with some other random female and you have a whole girlfriend to do that with already? But some people would say “Well, we are just friends.  I wasn't going to do anything with them." But being friends with another girl isn't cool. At least not while being in a relationship. 

The seriousness of cheating can differ. I know that if I was to ever see my boyfriend texting another girl or even hanging with her then I would go off. I don't play that. As girls, we seem to take things more seriously in the relationship. We are very protective over the ones that we care about. I know that the smallest things make me mad. The reason we get so sensitive is because although we know that they are just a sideline, they feel like they are the number one girl.

A hug is okay because that's just something simple and you really can't expect anything from that. But not for too long then that's taking it too far. Cheating is cheating.  There really isn't an explanation for it. You may not think of cheating as a big deal but it is. It can ruin a relationship over something unnecessary. If you are doing something with just some random that you should be doing with your girlfriend, then you’re cheating.

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