Houston Forward Times

28 August 2013 Written by  McKayla Jones

Go Hard or Stay Home

Back to School FashionSo school is back in session. Turn down right? This is my junior year and I’m so close to graduation and being on my own. I’m currently preparing for the college life and working on my career of being a journalist. But first I have to finish high school.  

Going back to school is always fun, only that first week really. You go school shopping looking for all the right stuff to wear. You know, that stuff that you “think” everybody else is not going to have on. I know that’s the only part I enjoy about going back to school. We get so excited for that first day and that’s really the only day that we prepare for. We make sure that we are dressed down from head to toe. It’s a must that we look our best. When we come back from our break it’s like we forgot about everything that we learned the year before. Relationships were gained and some were lost. People got pregnant or had their baby. And people who were ratchet before became even more ratchet. Crazy right? 

All of that is all good but, school is not a fashion show. IT’S SCHOOL! True enough, everybody has their different reasons as to why they go but, the only real reason is for you to go and get your education so you can be prepared for your future, not to socialize and look cute. We go to school not only to learn the material that we need to go to the next grade but, to also learn life lessons. The people who are about business and trying to enhance themselves and be better are totally different than the ones who are just not being productive. Our teachers teach us how to use time management, how to not take things so personal all the time. Of course school is a local scene because you know everybody but, if you are all about the scene and not business then your priorities are mixed up.  

Going back to school should be better every year. It’s that second chance that everybody doesn’t get to have, to do it right and better. So do it big this year no matter what grade you are going to. This school year be about your business and about yourself. Let the haters hate. There is a time and place for everything. If it doesn’t make sense then it’s not worth even trying. Keep your eye on the ball. It’s cool to get the tea but stay focused.

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