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07 May 2014 Written by  Chelsea Lenora White

LaTavia Roberson Talks Getting the Axe from Destiny’s Child on the Wendy Williams Show

Former Destiny’s Child member and R&B Divas Atlanta star LaTavia Roberson recently joined Wendy Williams on her show and talked about her past with the group as well as her battle with substance abuse. The singer and reality star seemed to take notes from her former bandmate, Beyoncé, with her honey blonde tresses curled and feathered away from her face. Here are a few of the highlights from the interview:

On Destiny’s Child:
“I definitely did not quit. Who would quit Destiny’s Child? That’s insane.”

On getting kicked out of Destiny’s Child:
“Our conflict was strictly with management. It had nothing to do with the other ladies at all. We didn’t have anything against Beyoncé and Kelly at all. At that time, Mathew was our personal manager and he was everybody’s group manager. We disaffirmed him as our personal manager. We wanted to have someone actually to come in and manage along with him. We weren’t trying to fire him as the group’s manager.”

On if she’s broke (or has money):
“I wrote on the albums, publishing. Yes ma’am.”

On her balance with substance abuse:
“It was in my early 20s. Thank God I didn’t have to live that out in front of the camera. After the group I had a lot of time to myself and I just started living in my head a little bit. And a lot of things from my childhood started to resurface. Specifically I was dealing with the simple fact of being molested and all of that stuff. I had used alcohol to try to self-soothe.”
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