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20 May 2014 Written by  Chelsea Lenora White

John Legend Receives an Honorary Doctor of Music from UPENN and Delivers the 258th Commencement Address

John “The” Legend recently received an honorary Doctor of Music from UPENN and also had the honor of delivering the university’s commencement address.

John graduated from UPENN in 1999 with a degree in English and a concentration in African-American literature and culture.

The center of his unique speech was love. He expressed that he believes that “the key to success, the key to happiness is to open your heart to love. Spending your time doing things you love and with people you love.” With a wife as beautiful and witty as swimsuit model Chrissy Teigen, I’m sure it’s pretty easy to pen songs about how amazing your love life is.

John also took time out in his speech to do a little humble bragging by singing a short spoofed excerpt of his smash hit “All of Me” to the grads. He shared that there is a proven study that consumers’ attention span is so short that the radio feeds us the same ten songs all day long. Although he has had a successful decade in the industry, Legend explained that his latest hit is the first song that made that Top 10 list of songs that we hear all day long. And that song (“All of Me”) is the biggest record out right now.

We’re proud of you, John! From now on, instead of switching the station as soon as “All of Me” comes on the radio, we’ll at least listen to the first verse in support!


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