Houston Forward Times

20 May 2014 Written by  Chelsea Lenora White

Jill Scott Cops an Honorary Doctorate Degree from Temple University

Now these are the kinds of stories that I love to hear and write about! Not only has Mr. John “The” Legend received his honorary Doctorate degree, but Ms. Jilly from Philly (Jill Scott), has also copped her honorary Doctorate degree from her alma mater of Temple University.

Dr. Scott has had many charitable contributions in the art and music field. She was “hooded” by fellow Temple University alum Bill Cosby.

She delivered an inspirational speech, telling the crowd: “My son, that I was told I would never have, is in this room watching me get an honorary degree today.”

Jill showed us that we are more than elevator kung-fu and pre-meditated leaked sex tapes when she shared how she worked two jobs while keeping a full course load of work while she was a student at Temple. We salute you, Dr. Scott!

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