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04 June 2014 Written by  Chelsea Lenora White

Brandon Jennings Attempts to Pass a Molly to Nick Young and is Caught on Camera

Okay, so we don’t REALLY know if it was molly that Brandon Jennings was attempting to pass to Nick Young. But it was the looks on their faces that tell us that the suspicious pill surely couldn’t be a Tylenol.

In case you’re lost, on Saturday, at the ToXic Day Party in L.A., Detroit Pistons Brandon Jennings and fellow NBA player Nick Young were spotted onstage trying to be seen as Drake DJ’ed a set. At some point, Jennings was caught on camera by someone onstage attempting to pass a suspicious pill to fellow NBA player Nick Young in plain view onstage in a packed club.

Young rubbed his hands together like Birdman while smiling and shaking his head to perhaps let Jennings know that he did not wish to partake in molly while sweating (WOOH!)

The video has since been removed from most Instagram pages, but it is still circulating. I will never understand how entertainers and pro-athletes can have all the opportunity in the world and squander it all away by doing things like offering drugs in birds eye view while onstage with arguably the biggest rapper out right now DJing a set. Surely you know that cameras are around. We’re patiently waiting to see how Jennings’ PR team will spin this one.

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