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30 July 2014 Written by  Forward Times Staff

Terrence Howard Says He’s Too Broke to Pay Spousal Support

Terrence Howard says he’s in no financial position to pay his ex-wife the $325,000 in spousal support she claims he owes – because he only makes about $6,000 per month. According to TMZ, the actor filed court papers asking a judge to toss his divorce settlement with ex-wife Michelle Howard, claiming they were only married a year and he was extorted and blackmailed into signing the settlement, reports TMZ. Terrence claims he only takes home $5,878 a month, so it would be impossible to write her a $325,000 check. Howard also says the balance of his earnings are earmarked for another ex-wife, Lori McMasters, to pay spousal and child support. Howard says he’s actually an employee on Lori’s payroll — his Hollywood movie money goes directly to her … and she cuts him his monthly check, according to TMZ.


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