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10 July 2013 Written by 

Kevin Hart Explains Himself in new film ‘Let me Explain’

Not only did Kevin Hart celebrate his 33rd birthday over the Fourth of July weekend, he also made history with his film ‘Let me Explain’ taking in over id="mce_marker"7 million at the box office and making it the biggest opening weekend for a comedy concert ever.

All of the hard work, commitment to social media and staying connected to fans has truly paid off for the comedian. “Let me Explain’ serves as follow up to his previous comedy concert film ‘Laugh at my Pain.’ ‘Let me Explain’ attempts to disprove the notion that funnyman Kevin has truly gone “Hollywood.” They say the best way to deal with pain is through laughter and it is evident he has been dealing with some very real issues outside of the limelight including divorce, fatherhood, and being fulfilled. 

His real gift as a comedian is his ability to use himself as the butt of his jokes and we get a healthy dose of that as he exposes his weaknesses and infidelities through the Madison square garden set. This is what makes Kevin Hart impossible to dislike. Honesty is the genius of his comedy. To the average movie goer, the opening sequence may come off a bit self-indulgent and unnecessary. I actually found it interesting to see Kevin and his crew traveling the world. That said, I don’t know how critical it was to the film, I would have preferred more standup.

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