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10 July 2013 Written by 

Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock bring ‘The Heat’

Director Paul Feig and actress Melissa McCarthy teamed up again hoping for comedic gold with new movie ‘The Heat.’ Notice how I wasn’t able to open with mentioning longtime silver screen favorite of mine Sandra Bullock. This was simply because McCarthy outshined, outspoke and outdid everyone. 

This truly felt like a vehicle for McCarthy to showcase her very specific comedic style. One observation is that McCarthy works well with improvisational actors like Kristen Wiig, Maya Rudolph (basically the entire ‘Bridesmaids’ cast) so it was a nice surprise to see actor Michael McDonald in the film. Sandra gives an admirable performance as a straight-laced FBI agent, but this is to be expected as she never disappoints. McCarthy plays an abrasive Boston cop who uses unconventional methods on perpetrators and is able to pull out laughs reminiscent of her infamous ‘Bridesmaids’ performance. Physical comedy and timing when the mismatched law enforcing pair shared the screen really made the film. While ‘The Heat’ is not the highest of brow comedy it is sure to be a crowd pleaser. I enjoyed it and look forward to seeing what McCarthy will do next. Here’s hoping for a sequel and an extended reel of ‘Bloopers.’

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