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24 July 2013 Written by  Chelsea Lenora White

Beyoncé Writes ‘Halo’ Parody Following the Hair Snatching Fan Incident


Beyoncé recently picked a fight with the wrong fan! But this fan wasn’t an ardent supporter with flailing arms. This fan was a still machine with an electric motor used to move air! Videos have surfaced showing Lady Bey’s hair getting caught in a fan while singing “Halo” in Montreal. Always the professional, she continued performing and even doing impressive riffs while her team tried to pry her hair from the fan’s tight grip. A crew member eventually cut her hair and freed her.

She made light of the situation later on as she posted a parody of “Halo” online which was inspired by the incident. “Gravity can’t begiiiiin to pull me out of the fan again/ I felt my hair was yankiiiiiin/ From the fan that’s always hatiiiiin/ Virgin Remy and Malaysian Haaaaa!” Bey joked.

She summed it up, writing: “I got snatched, ‘2 snaps,’ goodnight all.”

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