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13 August 2013 Written by  Chelsea Lenora White

Kendrick Lamar Shades EVERYONE on Big Sean’s “Control”

Although being dubbed by Snoop Dogg as ‘the new king of the West Coast,’ Kendrick Lamar has also dubbed himself ‘the king of New York’ in Big Sean’s new record, “Control.” Kendrick is known to one-up collaborators, but his extended verse on “Control (HOF),” a track that didn’t make it onto Big Sean’s upcoming “Hall of Fame” album due to licensing issues sent Twitter into a frenzy Monday night. 

Plenty of rappers took notice too; and this isn’t the least bit surprising seeing how Kendrick called Kendrick Lamar king of new yorkout every rap hard hitter in the game! He even blasted Big Sean and Jay Electronica, who was also featured on the track! Kendrick spits: 

I heard the barbershops be in great debates all the time
Bout who’s the best MC? Kendrick, Jigga and Nas
Eminem, Andre 3000, the rest of y’all
New ni**as, just new ni**as, don’t get involved
I’m usually homeboys with the same ni**as I’m rhymin’ wit
But this is hip hop and them ni**as know what time it is
And that goes for Jermaine Cole, Big KRIT, Wale
Pusha T, Meek Millz, A$AP Rocky, Drake
Big Sean, Jay Electron’, Tyler, Mac Miller
I got love for you all but I’m tryna murder you ni**as
Tryna make sure your core fans never heard of you ni**as

He goes on to taunt his peers with more competitive jabs and leaves some wondering if this was a diss record or if Kendrick is simply solidifying his place in the hip-hop culture as one who pushes and inspires his peers to do better and to exert more effort into their work. Whether you believe the former or the latter (I’m taking the latter), the track seems to be doing just what Kendrick wanted it do. It is creating noteworthy buzz, drawing attention and tweets from the likes of Diddy, Russell Simmons, Pusha T, Big Sean, Big KRIT, Mac Miller, Trinidad James and Joe Budden to name a few. Some even argue that he is not dissing the artists mentioned in the verse, but rather dissing everyone who wasn’t mentioned. Hmmm… Either way, I’m sure that we can expect better music from those mentioned and not mentioned since Kendrick made everyone feel some type of way!

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