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04 September 2013 Written by  Chelsea Lenora White

Sean Kingston Sued for Gang Rape Allegations

Sean Kingston Gang Rape - CopySean Kingston has been accused of participating in gang raping a girl back in 2010. Sheesh! Those are serious allegations.

Carissa Capeloto filed a lawsuit against Kingston, claiming that he and a former bodyguard sexually assaulted her after a concert.

Kingston has since taken to his Twitter to deny the allegations, stating:

“Don’t believe the hype... I am a child of GOD and have a great relationship with     him... I live a positive life so I know I’m good. In this world no matter who you are     what u do... they are people trying to bring u down constantly. praying on ya downfall gotta be strong! Who GOD BLESS No Man Shall Curse.... The devil is working... But I’ve been through the fire before and it’s nothing him and his     friends can do to stop me! I believe in GOD.. Done.”

Kingston is apparently too upset to spell or form a sentence correctly, which is understandable when facing a nasty allegation such as gang rape. Although denying the allegations, however, Kingston has reached a settlement with the victim. Rumor has it that the settlement was five million dollars and Kingston has since already paid half of it! A source close to the singer says that the settlement isn’t an admission of guilt, but simply a way for Kingston to move on with his life. But I don’t know! Five million dollars for a crime that you know you didn’t do sounds ludicrous to me.

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