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04 September 2013 Written by  Chelsea Lenora White

Kanye West’s $3 Million Gig

Kanye West kazakhWhile many of us barbecued and spent our holidays relaxing with family during Labor Day weekend, Kanye West labored at Kazakh president Nurzultan Nazarbayev’s grandson’s wedding reception on Saturday night, raking in a whopping three million dollars!

Nazarbayev, 76, personally invited Kanye and paid him around three million dollars to play at the reception in Almaty’s Grand Tulip Hotel. But although Kanye is probably a very happy man after his lucrative performance, some people are really mad! Apparently, Kanye was oblivious to concerns about the country’s human rights record and intolerance for dissent.

Human Rights Watch wrote that “Kazakhstan’s human rights record seriously deteriorated in 2012” after a strike by oil workers spurred a crackdown on dissent.

Despite the criticism, I’m sure Kanye’s sitting just fine and cushy with his three million dollar check.

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