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01 November 2013 Written by  Chelsea Lenora White

Ciara and Future Engaged and more in this Week's Entertainment

Chelsea White - In a Nutshell

In a Nutshell is a new weekly feature which will brief readers on current entertainment news and happenings minus the pretense and long explanations.

ciara engagement ringHuge, gaudy engagement rings and birthday proposals seem to be all the rave this season! Just a few days after Kanye popped the question to Kim on her birthday, rapper Future popped the question to singer Ciara on her birthday. After tweeting her surprised reaction, the ring was rumored to be a whopping fifteen carats. Miss CiCi posted the photo of the glamorous emerald cut multi-stone ring to her Instagram account a few hours later and it was nothing short of amazing. After rumors that the two are expecting, we’re wondering, “first comes love, then comes marriage,” should we be looking for a baby in the baby carriage? Congratulations to the beautiful couple! 

chris brown dc brawl

Chris Brown and his bodyguard were facing some serious charges after a brawl this past weekend. Both Brown and his bodyguard were facing felony assault charges and the arrest could have serious legal consequence for Brown, who is on probation. Monday we learned that the charges were reduced to assault misdemeanors because the injuries to the victim were minor and there were conflicting witness accounts of what happened. Both Brown and his bodyguard had spent the previous 36 hours in a Washington jail and after their hearing, they were both released without bail. Brown was ordered to report to his probation officer within 48 hours and to stay at least 100 yards away from the man he is accused of assaulting on Sunday. Both men must return to court on November 24.

kanye west big boi

Following his proposal to Kim Kardashian, Kanye West stopped by Power 106 FM to freestyle and talk to Big Boi about his music and his new family. There were several juicy points in the interview, but here are some excerpts:

On loving Kim from a distance: “I wanted to marry that girl from the first time I saw her, and I just had to wait through a bunch of relationships to finally get my chance.”

On the wedding: “[The wedding date] is gonna be next summer. I only got two words in my mind as far as ideas for the wedding, that’s: fighter jets.”

On if he plans to make money off the wedding and willingly exploiting himself: “I would take as much as possible. What’s official for everybody in this room and everybody on this globe right now is them bills. If you can help out with those bills, because you know me and Kim are in the exploitation business. We get paid to exploit ourselves.”

On keeping North West off reality tv: “I’m  [going to] give my daughter the opportunity to choose when she wants to be exploited. That’s the reason we didn’t take any money for any baby pictures.”

On luxury brands: “If I had the opportunity to design for Louis Vuitton now, I wouldn’t because the prices are too extreme and I don’t want to use my message to have kids saving up that much to be apart of what the ideas are. That’s the problem for me with luxury.”

On his inspirations: “[I’m inspired by] Walt Disney, Jesus, my father, Steve Jobs. But if you talk about rappers, of course I love Kendrick, Drake, Pusha, Future. I like the [Drake’s] ‘Going Home.’”

On recording music and making an impact: “I record when I feel like it. I just don’t care at all. I’m not really rapping. I’m just putting messages to a beat at a certain point. It’s not just for the sake of making a song. I’m using my platform to message exactly what I want to message and burn down some buildings and inspire people.”

On using music to inspire: “I just wanna be that sonic espresso, that sonic cocaine. When you’re on your way to work and you gotta deal with a boss or on a way to an interview, I want you to play that Yeezus and feel like you can do anything.”

On the infamous BBC interview: “After I finished the BBC interview, I was shaking like, man what did I just do? I just really came from the heart completely. I was like, I don’t know what’s gonna happen afterwards, I know that God got me. And it was that serious to me. When I saw it classified as a joke, I said this is exactly what the media do. They trying to distract you from these actual messages. It’s not a matter of what I’m doing, it’s a matter of what everybody else can do.”

jay z barneys

After the racial profiling incident at Barneys occurred when 19-year-old Trayon Christian sued the department store as well as the NYPD, claiming he was racially profiled after rightfully purchasing a Ferragamo belt, there was much speculation surrounding Jay Z’s holiday collaboration with the luxury department store. Many people believed that he should end his partnership with Barneys, and after many other opinions spread across Twitter feeds and blog sites like wildfire, Jay spoke out on his Life+Times site, stating: “This collaboration lives in a place of giving and is about the Foundation. I am not making a dime from this collection; I do not stand to make millions, as falsely reported. I need to make that fact crystal clear. The Shawn Carter Foundation is the beneficiary and the foundation is receiving 25% of all sales from the collaboration, 10% of all sales generated in the store on November 20th and an additional donation from Barneys. This money is going to help individuals facing socio-economic hardships to help further their education at institutions of higher learning. My idea was born out of creativity and charity... not profit. I move and speak based on facts and not emotion. I haven’t made any comments because I am waiting on facts and the outcome of a meeting between community leaders and Barneys. Why am I being demonized, denounced and thrown on a cover of a newspaper for not speaking immediately? The negligent, erroneous reports and attacks on my character, intentions, and the spirit of this collaboration have forced me into a statement I didn’t want to make without the full facts. Making a decision prematurely to pull out of this project, wouldn’t hurt Barneys or Shawn Carter, but all the people that stand a chance at higher education. I have been working with my team ever since the situation was brought to my attention to get to the bottom of these incidents and at the same time find a solution that doesn’t harm all those that stand to benefit from this collaboration. I am against discrimination of any kind, but if I make snap judgments, no matter who it’s towards, aren’t I committing the same sin as someone who profiles? I am no stranger to being profiled and I truly empathize with anyone that has been put in that position. Hopefully this brings forth a dialogue to effect real change. - Shawn “JAY Z” Carter” Well played, Mr. Carter.



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