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25 March 2014 Written by  Forward Times Staff

Empowering Women Who Empower Us All : Brooke J. Vallaire

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Brooke J. Vallaire is the 17 year old President of a Custom & Non-Custom Fashion Line, Vallaire’s.

At the age of 2 years old, Brooke began to draw and had a passion for fashion. After winning many art awards for her ability to draw, she soon realized this was something she was really good at and enjoyed. By the time she was 9, she was in a fashion club, that’s when Brooke decided "Yes, this is where I see myself in the future, this is what I love." So she took her skills in art and her love for fashion, put it together and decided her goal was to become a fashion designer, designing over 40+ designs at the time.

At 11 years old, Brooke attended a summer program at Success 4 Kidz, called "Real Life 1 on 1" where her mother took her business savvy and introduced them to Brooke and 10 other girls. Ms. Vallaire taught them the very basic skills such as, hand shaking; eye-to-eye contact; resume writing, how to prepare for an interview that included how to properly dress, conduct interviews, etc. Each of the girls had to research the following: their desired career interest, universities they would like to attend; determine qualifications for being accepted into the university; revenue received annually based upon career choice; and much more. Each girl also had to develop a mock business with business name, location, client base, etc.

At the age of 13, a family friend recognized Brooke’s gift and discovered she had rare talent, which prompted Brooke and her mother to take action! By the time Brooke was 14, Poppy Designs helped bring to life nine of the designs Brooke previously created. When the designs were produced, it opened her mind to something bigger; "I could be the next Prada, Vera Wang, the next Betsey Johnson, or even Coco Chanel, and have my designs worn on the red carpet."

"Brooke believed that if you are given a gift or talent then you should run with it. If you imagine yourself as a doctor, lawyer, singer, president, or even fashion designer, that dream wasn’t given to you just for you to dwell in it; your dream was given to you for a purpose!" To help Brooke pursue her vision as a fashion designer, her mother challenged Brooke to continue making more designs by not allowing her to purchase any clothing from the department stores. To go a step further, her mother agreed that she would do the same. This allowed for Brooke to have over 100+ designs drawn and 15+ produced currently.

Brooke has proven that it’s never too early to strive for success. As she continues on her path of success to pursue her career in fashion, she is blessed with a great team of supporters; her relationship with God, her mother (Shareca Vallaire, owner of Success 4 Kidz), YEA (Youth Entrepreneurship Academy founded by Mr. Jeffery Boney), her mentor (Kim Roxie, owner of LAMIK Beauty), Mr. & Mrs. Steve Levine (Publisher of Small Business Today Magazine), and innumerable business owners in the Texas region.

Brooke’s journey to success includes many accomplishments, such as being published in the Seventh Edition of Who’s Who in Black Houston (2013); featured in articles in Small Business Today Magazine, Empower Magazine, The Young Houston Magazine, Houston Forward Times, Imagine Excellence, Inc.; and live on the Wash Allen KCOH Radio (1430 AM) and Small Business Today Magazine Talk Show (MJWJ Global Radio Network).

She continues branding her name in the business industry by attending countless award ceremonies, networking events in the Houston/Dallas area, and attending summer programs that enhances her fashion skills. Brooke is a junior at Harmony School of Advancement where she is the President and founder of HSA-FIDM Fashion club; a member of Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA); HSA Debate Team, Student Council, and Key Club; and The National Society of High School Scholars. While balancing school and business; Brooke still manages to find time to be an honor student, create drawings, paintings, and write poetry.

Brooke’s endeavors are shared with her mother; her brother, Brice; family and friends; and a host of successful entrepreneurs. Brooke appreciates all of the fabulous ladies who have allowed her to dress them for various occasions and looks forward to dressing many more in her uniquely designed Vallaire’s pieces. Her goals include preparation for college entry, further expand her fashion line for women of all ages, and also create a children’s and men’s line.

Vallaire’s offer high-end custom and ready-to-wear designs for any occasion, while ensuring each design is distinctively customized to fit the body precisely. When creating a Vallaire’s design, Brooke "Thinks outside of the box" to help women exhibit their unique sense of elegance and style. Vallaire’s Fashion is Fabulous, Fancy and Fierce! To find out more information on how to "Embrace the Vallaire’s in you," contact Brooke Vallaire at 832-286-8070 or 281-203-7009, visit Vallaire’s at www.vallaires.com, facebook, twitter, and instagram.

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