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09 July 2014 Written by 

Mark Wahlberg breathes new life into Transformers: Age of Extinction, Zoe Saldana featured in August issue of Fashion Magazine and more This Week in Fashion...

 Is it just me or do things take a terrible turn for child-actors once they reach adulthood? I feel like I’ve always known this but it became more apparent to me after seeing the latest Transformers movie, Transformers: Age of Extinction. Why, you ask? Well the lack of LaBeouf of course! The movie was great. I actually had no desire to see it simply because I had lost interest in the franchise once the cast members began disappearing one by one in the earlier films. Marky Mark and Optimus Prime breathed new life into the film and I’m back on board. On the ‘See it’ to ‘Skip it’ scale, See it! Nicola Peltz who stars alongside Mark Wahlberg has been in the Fashion Round-Up for a couple of weeks now. I think we have a budding fashionista on our hands.


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The Truth about Shorts...This week I want to talk about a summertime fashion trend. Shorts. Don’t worry...I’ll keep it short (lol). There are only two rules to wearing shorts. (1) Keep it cute and (2) Keep it classy. When I say ‘keep it cute’ I mean play with different patterns and styles of shorts. Shorts can be easily dressed up or down so have fun with it. When I say ‘keep it classy’ I mean I don’t want to see your pocket lining or anything else above that threshold. Just because leggings made a comeback doesn’t mean all pants/shorts have to be skin tight. Go for a size you can easily move around in. Remember if you feel uncomfortable...you look uncomfortable. For example, I have always had larger thighs and am very conscious of not “sausage-casing” my upper legs with extra small shorts. I am happy to go up a size to keep it classy and cute.

Don't forget to check out the August issue of 'Fashion Magazine' that features Zoe Saldana.

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