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12 March 2014 Written by  Valecia Weeks

Do It Yourself Facials

In this trying economy, we divas still deserve to be beautiful and pampered. Ever heard the phrase, "pat yourself on the back"? Well, If your budget will not afford you spa day…"pat your own self on the back". We all know a day at the spa is costly – and doing it by yourself can be very boring. So…WHY NOT DO IT AT HOME!!?

Invite about eight of your friends over (not too many & not too few) to help with the cost and to help lighten the workload. You can have each lady bring one of the ingredients for the facial bar. For example, one person could bring five avocados, one bring yogurt, one bring oats --- well, you get the picture. Let everyone pitch in and share the load.

Set the Mood

Play music such as ocean sound themes, Hawaiian (instrumental), or some great jazz. Use whatever works with your theme.

Decorate. Use sheets that represent the colors of your chosen theme as throws on your furniture and colorful plastic table clothes from any dollar store as nice coverings over your floor to help protect your carpet and tile.

Make Smoothies Greet each guest with a Peach Passion Smoothie, made with two eight-ounce bags of frozen peaches, ½ teaspoon cinnamon, 4 cups almond milk, a dash of ginseng, and a pinch of cloves (you know how grandma used to do it). It will be a refreshing start for any spa party.

Your Facial Bar

The kitchen or dining room, as you knew it, is now your facial fixing area. Make sure bathroom and kitchen sinks are close by and prepared for cleansing and rinsing.

Pick your fixing. Fill small clear bowl with a variety of exfoliators and astringents. Some good examples are oats, yogurt, smashed avocado, honey, grape seed or olive oil, lemons, crushed green tea leaves, and essential oils such as peppermint, lavender, and rosemary.

Set the Bar. Put out a tray with all of the above ingredients. Put out a second tray with empty clear plastic cups with stirrers (popsicle sticks wil

l work). Also, have cotton swabs, cotton balls, and facial toner & moisturizer. Have paper towels nearby.

Start Your Facials

Once your guests are settled and refreshed from enjoying their Peach Passion Smoothie, begin your facials. Follow these steps and have fun helping each other create unique combinations of fixings.

• Cleanse

• Choose any ingredients that appeal to you and mix your mask

• Apply and leave on for 15 minutes

• Rinse and dry

• Apply toner and moisturizer

No matter what type of at-home treatment you choose, be sure to take time out for yourself. Schedule an hour on your calendar for some "me" time. If you don’t put it in writing, most likely it won’t happen. We divas are better wives, mothers, daughters, ministry workers, and employees when we take some time to get our thoughts together and relax. We need a break in order to better serve others.

Valecia is a Licensed Corporate Massage Therapist through the state of Texas, as well as a Licensed ZUMBA instructor and a Certified Personal Trainer with NESTA

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