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28 May 2014 Written by  Valecia Weeks

Beauty Myths Busted

Beauty myths are often no more than old adages that are handed down to each generation. Some of these old wives tales are almost as old a time itself and just plain silly. While logic doesn’t seem to play a big factor in beauty myths, they’re still abundant. The beauty myths listed below are totally fiction and deserve to be taken off the list of beauty regimens

Split ends can be repaired: save your money buying the latest "split end repair" formula. The only way to get rid of split ends is to cut them off and try really hard to prevent them in the future by taking good care of your hair.

Soap is bad for your skin: That myth came about because older soap formulas were made from animal fats and vegetable oils, which can clog your pores. More recent soaps are formulated to be milder and some even contain moisturizers that don’t dry your skin. Remember clean skin is better than dirty skin.

Shaving your legs will cause your hair to grow thicker: Just as you were predestined to be a woman, your number of hairs was genetically determined, regardless whether you shave them or let them grow like the redwood forest. The myth probably came to be because shaving can make hairs appear "stubbier" thus making them appear thicker.

There are no allergies to natural ingredients: that all depends on what an individual’s skin is allergic to. Whether it’s a natural or chemical ingredient, if you are allergic to that particular ingredient, you will definitely see a reaction. That would be like me putting an "oak tree based" lotion on my child…emergency room visit.

Muscle can turn to fat: muscle and fat are two totally different types of tissues and cannot convert from one to the other. Decreased physical exercise reduces your muscle tissue and metabolism, thus giving fatty tissue more opportunity to rear its ugly head.

You can spot reduce inches and weight: You can’t lose weight in any particular area before another. Inches and weight is usually reduced in the last place you put it on.

African American skin does not need sunscreen on a cloudy day: The sun’s UV rays penetrate clouds and can still damage your skin.

No Pain, No gain: you do not have to kill your muscles to see results and get the benefits from your exercise program. Even low intensity workouts can help you lose weight and improve your health.

Just to be on the safe side, eat well, exercise, and use common sense and don’t consume your mind with age old health and beauty myths.

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