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26 June 2013 Written by  Valecia Weeks


Ladies, all of us at some point in our multitasking lives, have collided with this obstacle known as stress.  Maybe a great night of peaceful sleep, good sex, and maybe even a different set of in-laws would help combat this life altering obstacle…but some things never change.  So, as usual, we divas learn to cope by coming up with a “Plan B.”  Here are some things that we may do on a regular basis but never think of them being stress busters.  We just think it’s normal to:

LAUGH – I’ll bet you didn’t know that when you laughed at your best friend who slipped and fell down at the school dance you were reducing your stress.  Or when you attended that comedy night performance and cracked up at all the jokes.  Believe it or not, a good gut-busting laugh relaxes your blood vessels and increases blood flow.  Quite the opposite happens when you’re tense.  So, make it your business to watch a comedy TV show daily so that you can reduce stress in a hurry.

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INHALE – Breeeeeathe….in, not out. Awwww.  Now don’t you feel better?  You just added additional oxygen to your blood and brain cells.  If you want to add a distress agent, try inhaling scents of roses along with either lavender, basil, orange, grape, mango, and lemon.  These soothing scents contain a compound called linalool, which is proven to reduce anxiety.  So, the next time you are totally perturb at an unfortunate event, try digging into a lemon and savoring its soothing smell.

CHEW GUM“Stop that smacking and popping!” Quietly and discreetly, please. The stress level in gum chewers is shown to lower stress. Chewing gum has the same effect as squeeeeezing a stress ball.  Let the stress go into something else instead of your blood pressure and cholesterol.

DRINK BLACK TEA - Black tea reduces stress. It seems that slowing down your day and enjoying a cup of tea would be a calming practice in itself, but when you order black tea, you'll get the calming benefits of flavonoids, which help block fight or flight divisions in the nervous system. Black tea does contain caffeine though, so limit yourself to one cup.

EXERCISE - A chronic worrier is someone who worries about every situation in life--work, family, recreation activities and more. Ladies, let’s block the effect that worry has on your health--and skin--by doing something positive, i.e., working out at the gym. Not only will exercise ease your emotional anxiety, it will help to boost blood flow throughout your body, resulting in optimal health and healing for your immune system and your skin.

Now you have it.  It’s okay to laugh during exercise but make sure you definitely don’t chew your gum. Drink a maximum of one cup of black tea daily and just breeeeathe…awww. Enjoy life, ladies!

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