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08 August 2013 Written by  Valecia Weeks

Make Every Calorie Count

Valecia Weeks is a Professional Licensed Massage Therapist through the state of Texas as well as a Birth Doula.  She is a licensed ZUMBA instructor and a certified personal trainer with NESTA.

Every woman’s time is very valuable. When I ask women why they don’t exercise more often, the most common answer is, “I just don’t have time.” Wouldn’t it be nice if we had an extra hour or two a day? Sorry, ladies, that’s just a fantasy; but boosting your caloric burn in less time isn’t. I would like you to take a look at these smart strategies so that your next workout does more for you:

Black Lady RunningCardio First:

Over the years, many clients have asked me, “Should I do weights or cardio first?” Ladies there’s only one answer. If you want to increase your calorie burn (raise your hand if you don’t want to), research shows that you should do cardio first. Researchers found that all exercises  will produce a strong “after burn” (a higher rate of calories burned when at rest after exercise) for the two hours after working out, the run/strength training groups had the highest exercise after burn of all. So what does this mean? It means that we need to get the heart pumping then get those muscles moving. Remember the chant, “Ice-cream, soda pop, cream on the top...?” Well, I did it when I jumped rope as a child. Little did I realize that it burns a lot of calories in a short amount of time. It is estimated that 10 minutes of jumping rope (at 120 turns per minute) has the same benefit as jogging for 30 minutes. Those are great numbers for people short on time and the great thing is that you’ll notice improvements. Jumping rope is a great cardio exercise that helps build agility, speed, balance, and coordination, while improving a woman’s overall fitness level.

Alert The Cardio Crime Police If You See Someone:

Leaning on the machine to get “just a little rest” - While gripping the handles or console of a cardio Black Woman jogging weightsmachine can aid in better balance, leaning too much of your weight into the handles of the machine will decrease your workout intensity and burn far fewer calories.

Carrying weights while she is walking, thus, increasing injury risk - *Skimping on resistance for fear of bulking up - this happens a lot with women when it comes to increasing the resistance while biking or on a stationary bike.

Waiting until you are thirsty to drink water during a workout- by the time you are beginning to feel thirsty, you are already starting to dehydrate.

Ladies, we all know that time is money, and who has either to spare. More so, our health is very important. So, let’s all make it a Diva goal to place weekly fitness on our calendar so that we are no longer only talking the talk but we are walking the walk.

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