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14 August 2013 Written by  Valecia Weeks

A Diva’s Quickie (Wellness...that is)

Valecia Weeks is a Professional Licensed Massage Therapist through the state of Texas as well as a Birth Doula.  She is a licensed ZUMBA instructor and a certified personal trainer with NESTA. 

When it comes to losing weight or making the healthiest choices for your lifestyle, you probably imagine that it takes long hours in a gym plus long days and nights planning and preparing nutritious meals.  Much to your surprise, a quick and easy change can substantially improve your immediate health and wellness. How quick?  One may ask…just ONE minute—that’s it!  Try any one of these 60 second activities to easily reap the health benefits. 

Feeling Fatigued?  Drink a TALL glass of water. Black Woman drinking water The fact that water has many health benefits is well known; but what you may not know is that even the mildest form of dehydration can cause fatigue.  So, the next time you feel your energy phasing out, grab a glass of cold water and guzzle it down. 

Breathing is a natural event.  But how often do you really, really think about the benefits of this simple task?  If you are like me…not nearly enough.  For a quick pick-me-up, simply take five deep breaths.  Inhale slowly for the first five seconds and exhale for 10 seconds each time.  Your body will gladly let you know just how much it appreciates you for the extra oxygen. 

When you are having a “down day,” try smiling…smiling can actually make you happier.  So, go on and try it  -- SMILE  

Good posture goes a long way.  Did you know that bad posture can put stress on your back that is unnecessary? So, take several moments in your day and roll those shoulders up, back, and down.  Make that spine long and just relax.  Now, don’t you feel better already?   

Isn’t it amazing how helping someone else can help you feel better? Whether you compliment a stranger walking down the street or post a positive note on someone’s Facebook page, taking a minute to make someone else feel better can quickly boost your mood. 

Set a goal for the day.  FACT…people who set goals have more success than people who don’t.  So, why not take a few seconds and write down what you want to do today?  Then just commit to making it happen. 

Be absolutely present. When we are wrapped up with work, to-do lists, and just getting by, sometimes we can forget to focus on what we are doing in the here and now. Try spending a minute just being. Focus on sounds, smells and whatever else is going on around you.  Instead of thinking ahead to what you’ll do next, think about what you’re doing right now. You’ll be amazed at how peaceful you feel. Just be!

See? In the quest to be healthier, you don’t have to spend a lot of time. Even if all you have is a few spare seconds here and there, you can make a positive difference in your overall health!  So, ladies, c’mon…let’s find that better “you” and LIVE HEALTHY!

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