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20 November 2013 Written by  Valecia Weeks


Just as “stuff” happens, so does stress. It doesn’t matter if you are the most organized person in the world, no matter how good your systems are or just how friendly your work and living environment are, stress somehow always finds it way to poke its ugly annoying head in from time to time.  So, you ask yourself, what can be done? Turn this burden into a bridge.  Turning to a convenient stress buster when you feel stressed can help clear your mind and calm you down. Don’t wait until that stressful situation has totally overtaken you. At the onset of a stressful situation  overtaking you, then is the perfect time to turn to one of these busters and kick that stress out of the door.

 Here are 5 of my favorite Stress Busters, but feel free to develop your own:

1. Walk it off
Need that break from the office chaos?  Do you feel like the walls of your house are slowly closing in on you?  Without any further delay, slip out the door and let your feet do the walking.  Do like Forrest Gump…just go.  Not only will walking give you time to clear your head and get out of a chaotic situation, but it is great heart exercise.

2. Pick up the phone
Most of us ladies have another diva or guy friend, whose voice alone perks us up.  Give them a call.  You would be surprised what a few minutes of chatting with someone about a funny story or joke or just listening to one another will do.  Most of the time you will likely end that conversation with a smile not only in your heart but on your face too.  After all, “that’s what friends are for.”

3. Journaling
GIT IT OUT!  If we can express our feeling in words, the next best thing is to write-it-out. That’s one of the best ways to deal with stress.  Keeping a journal will capture those feelings at any moment.  It feels really good not having to worry about what others think or say.  It is all about you.  Just let your pen do the walkin’.  By the time you are done with your “mini book,” those feelings are on the way out of your system and you should feel much better.

4. Play a board game
Ok, ladies, climb on your stepstool to the top of the closet and reach waaaayyyy back to the back and pull out your Monopoly, Connect four or even Twister (well maybe not Twister). If you are like me, you may get twisted all up and not be able to unwind. But you get the point.  Games usually always leave a smile on and peaceful thought.  Of course, with all the hustle and bustle and being on the go, there are several games that can be found on electronic devices.  So, the next time you are waiting in the doctor’s office, pull out that smart phone and begin to crush some candy or challenge your mind. And let the smiles begin.

5. Work up a sweat
Have some pent up frustrations? There’s no better way to get rid of them than by exercising. Pop in a workout tape, hop on your bike or grab your jump rope. You’ll be too busy working up a sweat to worry about what’s stressing you out. Picture the stress leaving your body through your pores.
Remember ladies, in order to be at our best, we have to down size the stress.  Yes, as long as you are on this side of the grave, stressful situations will creep up… some unexpectedly, some bigger than others. But before they become overwhelming, try the five suggestions to do that ounce of prevention.

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