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31 December 2013 Written by  Valecia Weeks


When ladies think of "happy New year’’, we immediately think of setting goals or as Is I some refer to them as resolutions. Sometimes, we even do a check list of desired goals. I know I know you probably say. "I’m pretty good at maintaining my health goals.  Just look at my personal check list." Making all my meals nutritious (√),

·good exercise routine (√) ... getting my proper rest (√). What do you say about your other goals? Not so much together huh? Well I know how you feel. Whenever you set goals to launch a new website, master a new fitness class, or even begin to write a new book, something more pressing always «pops» up.

It’s amazing how many people who I’ve met are exactly like me ... trapped in a state of inertia, being perfectly content with where they are and see no need to reach higher levels. That, of course, is fine as long as we are truly happy and content. But to be honest, most of us are stuck in a particular place because we’re afraid to take a risk and fall short. "’The major cause of fear of failure is lost self-confidence, when we’re convinced we just don’t have what it takes to be successful", says Heidi Grant Halvorson, PhD.

How do we put doubt aside and become that "go-getter" Diva that you were designed to be? Well, you have to put our actions where our mouths are. Here are some tips that will help you turn a dream into a reality.

Deal With Reality

  In my younger years, I was "will power’’ queen. But now it takes all the mental strength I have to just to do the basics in my day. The thought of completing all those extra goals in my day just makes me want to flop on the couch and do nothing ... absolutely ANYTHING! If you ever feel that way, it’s not that you’ve become a lazy person. You may just be juggling too many things at one time. It’s hard to have "will power" when you are putting out fires all day. It doesn’t mean that you can’t still reach your goals. lt just means rearranging your "to-do" list and putting the most important goal at the top of your list and pushing the other ‘’to-do’s" to the side to wait until a better time.

Do The "Write" Thing

  When you write out a goal, it gives your conscious and subconscious a chance to fully absorb your intention and most of all you can’t just ... click, a button and poof it’ a gone. Writing your goal down makes it become real and makes you have to commit to it. Go public with your plan by placing it on the refrigerator where the public can see it. That holds you accountable because you don’t want the pressure of others asking you how a goal is going that you have failed to begin; and also when you have an audience, you feel more obligated to perform.

Pick Your Friends Wisely

  Did your mother ever advise to watch who you hang with? Well that’s also true in your task of goal setting. Hang around goal-driven individuals. It’s amazing how we pick up behaviors from those around us (good, bad, and ugly). When we spend time with people who act decisively to get what they want, we will begin to pursue our own goals and objectives in a similar manner. The more you practice your plan, the more likely you are to make it a habit. As the old saying goes, it takes 21 days of doing the same thing for it to become a habit. So, Divas, let’s get to working on setting and maintaining healthy goals for 2014.

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