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08 January 2014 Written by  Pastor E A Deckard

The Year of Double-Double

The Houston Forward Times welcomes Pastor E.A. Deckard and his Forward Thinking commentaries to the team.

Pastor E A Deckard is the Senior Pastor/Founder of the Green House International Church located in North Houston. He is often seen on the frontline leading Houstonians through social and community issues.

You will be blessed by his out of the box forward thinking bible lessons. Pastor "EA" has an unique way of bringing the bible alive to navigate people through the journeys of life. As you read his weekly forward thinking commentaries you will be encouraged and inspired to overcome the battles of life.

He will keep us informed and enlightened with his forward thinking commentaries on social and political issues. There will be no issue that affects the community that "EA" will not address through his forward thinking approach.

Pastor "EA" will at times challenge you through his commentaries to stop the silence, get off the sidelines, and get involved in the community.

Throughout the years many have benefited from the forward thinking of Pastor Deckard now you will be able to be benefit weekly through his commentaries in the pages of Houston Forward Times.

Pastor E A Deckard is ready to bring forward thinking to you to empower you to accelerate forward. Houston are you ready?

Every year at the end of the previous year people begin to make resolutions to become better or do better in certain areas of their life over the New Year only to end up right back in the same situations. After breaking all their new year’s resolutions, people begin to feel stuck and give up any hope of becoming that better person they so desire to be.

Let me coach and encourage you weekly through the Forward Times so you will have the tools to reach your maximum potential.

First, we must prepare ourselves to receive new knowledge and understanding because the bible says people fail due to a lack of knowledge. Being prepared is not a lack of faith in God but a sign of radical faith in God. I prepare because my faith believes something BIG is going to happen in my life so I must be prepared to handle it. Dr. Martin Luther King said "the belief that God would do everything for us is not faith but superstition." I wonder how many churches are filled with more superstitious people than people of faith.

Let’s examine Matthew 14:24-33 in which Jesus walked on water and let’s discover new revelation to prepare ourselves to walk by faith and reach goals we have never accomplished before.

In verse 24, the bible states after Jesus sent the disciples ahead of Him to their next assignment that when He goes to reconnect with them the boat is a considerable distance away from land. Let me encourage you that your breakthroughs are closer than they may appear. Remember when you are traveling and look in your mirrors there is a warning sign that reads objects may appear farther away than they actually are. Abraham Lincoln stated "I will prepare and someday my chance will come." No matter how far away success appears, you must start and continue to prepare yourself for success.

An amazing thing takes place in verses 25-27; the disciples of Jesus become terrified and afraid. I must warn you: if you allow fear to guide you, it will cancel many great things from occurring in your life.

In verse 28, Peter asked Jesus for revelation and directions. In order to do what you’ve done before, you must change the source of your information. Peter realized that he could either live on the boat of fear or seek revelation to advance from here. I encourage you to seek the knowledge of someone already ‘walking on water,’ someone already proven in the arena you’re seeking.

We see in verse 29, Jesus tells Peter to come and walk on the water with Him. Peter obeys the instructions and leaves the boat and all operating in fear on the boat. Your level of obedience to the voice of God will determine your level of success in this year of 2014.

As Peter walks on the water he goes through a point in his journey where he begins to sink. You can’t be afraid of failure this season because failure will propel many into a greater level of success this year.

Peter overcomes his temporary setback and walks on the water just like Jesus and this will be the year you overcome all your setbacks and walk in success.

In conclusion, remember, if you prepare for success you’ll spend less time frustrated over a lack of success.

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