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16 January 2014 Written by  Pastor E A Deckard

Sound The Alarm

Sound the alarm church because we have been asleep long enough.

The American landscape has become a picture of despair and dysfunction in spite of the presence of a church on every other corner. There is a major attack on the family structure and even a bold attempt to redefine family and marriage while the church remains silent. The educational system appears to be producing unprepared students at a record setting pace. The economy is upside down. Unemployment and underemployment are major issues in our country. Crime is up in both the inner-city and the suburban communities.  I could continue to go on and on with the negative issues in our society, but I’ve decided to focus on FORWARD THINKING solutions.

In the bible, Nehemiah looked around and saw the same type of dysfunction and despair that we see today. Nehemiah, himself had escaped the conditions many were struggling with but he could not escape the internal feeling of responsibility to assist his brothers and sisters in their time of need.

I’m challenging those of us who by the grace of God have overcome and escaped many of the social issues facing our communities to rise up with the passion of Nehemiah and get involved in the rebuilding of our country. The church can no longer afford to remain a "silent partner" watching from the sidelines.

There was a time the church, especially the African American church, was known as the beacon of light in our communities leading and navigating people through the difficult times and places of life. Somewhere along the way, the church became too comfortable inside the building and forgot that real ministry takes place on the outside. Jesus taught in the synagogue less often than he did by the riverside and most of the recorded miracles took place outside the temple. It’s time we come from inside the buildings and get back active on the frontline," building up people and our communities."

The church can no longer be a place where we go to be entertained, but be a place where people are "empowered". We must prepare our people to become responsible and accountable for the uplifting of others.

Nehemiah was willing to invest his time, talent, and treasure to the cause of building up others. It’s no coincidence the bible says the Lord granted Nehemiah with supernatural favor to get the job done. As people of faith, we can’t be afraid of the cost associated with being agents of change. We must have faith that the Lord will provide everything we need to get the job done as long as we’re willing to put the work in for the job. "We must get off the sideline".

Remember, when enemies rose up against Nehemiah he didn’t give up, but he became more determined to complete the job of rebuilding his community. Nehemiah said the work was too great to be distracted by those who didn’t sense the call to get involved. I challenge every church and its members to commit to spending more time doing the work of Nehemiah and rebuilding our broken communities.

In conclusion, as FORWARD THINKERS we must as Dr. King stated, "keep moving forward regardless of the pace because together there is nothing we can’t accomplish". I’m looking forward to working on the frontline with you as we rebuild our nation.

Pastor E.A. Deckard is the Senior Pastor/Founder of the Green Houston International Church located in North Houston.  

Contact Pastor Deckard at www.ghic.net or via Facebook.

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