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05 February 2014 Written by  Pastor E A Deckard

Why not you?

seahawks superbowl huddle

"If not us, then who? If not now, then when?" - John Lewis, U.S. Congressman and Civil Rights Leader

The 2014 Super Bowl game became more than just another football game for me. As I watched the underdog, Seattle Seahawks, defeat the highly favored Denver Broncos the game became a collage of inspirational stories.

As a Forward Thinker the world daily becomes my personal classroom and I’m always on alert seeking to learn and gleam from every life experience. During the Super Bowl I went from cheering to taking notes on the various inspiring stories birthed from the lives of many of the Seattle players.

Today I’ll share my top inspirational moments from the 2014 Super Bowl Champions and I pray you will be empowered as a Forward Thinker to use this week’s commentary as motivation to inspire you to achieve greatness in the year 2014.


I. The Seattle Seahawks team roster is loaded with undrafted players, overlooked by other teams in the NFL. In, I Samuel 16:13, David is anointed king in the presence of his brothers after being overlooked by his father as a candidate to become king. Forward Thinkers don’t allow rejection to stop you, instead use rejection to motivate you.

II. The Seattle Seahawks team entered into the Super Bowl as underdogs but convincingly defeated the record setting Denver Broncos. Everyone remembers the story of David defeating Goliath in I Samuel 17. Forward Thinkers this season it’s your time to defeat the giants in your life.

III. The Seattle Seahawks franchise had never won a Super Bowl in the history of the organization. Isaiah 43:19 states "The Lord is doing a new thing’. Forward Thinkers in the year 2014 prepare yourselves for The Lord to do a new thing in your life.

IV. Many draft experts told Seattle Seahawks quarterback, Russell Wilson, that he was too short to be a productive quarterback in the NFL. Gideon in the bookof Judges lead the Israelites to victory in spite of being told he was too weak. Forward Thinkers remember this season it’s not what others say about you that matters but what you say about yourself.

V. Seattle Seahawks quarterback, Russell Wilson, went up against future Hall of Fame quarterback, Peyton Manning. Russell Wilson is only in the second year of his NFL career therefore the odds were against him. In I Samuel when David arrived on the scene his brothers demanded he go back home because he is too young to be on the battlefield. David was not moved by his critics. Forward Thinkers are not moved by the critics in their ears but motivated to succeed in the presence of their critics.

VI. Seattle Seahawks head coach, Pete Carroll, had been fired by two other NFL teams in his coaching career. Amazingly every player interviewed after the Super Bowl victory gave credit to Coach Pete Carroll for preparing them to win. Philippians 3:13 encourages us to forget the things behind us and to press toward the prize. Forward Thinkers this season let go and let God.

VII. Seattle Seahawks, Percy Harvin, returned a kickoff for a touchdown in the Super Bowl. Harvin had been traded from another NFL team and labeled a troublemaker plus fought through injuries all season. In Acts 9 I recall how The Lord changed Saul, the troublemaker, into Paul the leader, Forward Thinkers remember it’s not how or where you start but it’s how you finish that matters most. I’m declaring you will finish strong.

VIII. After losing in the playoffs last year, Russell Wilson goes to the Super Bowl game between the San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens and walks around the field picturing himself playing in the game. Russell Wilson used being defeated as motivation to work harder, and ultimately his hard work pays off a year later. Forward Thinkers remember the Word calls us more than conquerors so get up from defeat and Move Forward.

In conclusion, the most inspiring story from the Super Bowl began years ago when Russell Wilson’s father told him in spite of his height to envision himself as one day being a Super Bowl winning quarterback. Mr. Wilson impressed the audacity of faith in his son by constantly asking him ‘why not you?’ And today I pose that same question to you ‘why not you?’

Pastor E. A. Deckard is the Senior Pastor/Founder of the Green House International Church located in North Houston. Contact Pastor Deckard at www.ghic.net or via Facebook.


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