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28 May 2014 Written by  Tyrone Willis

Houston Buzz

Discovery Green

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The Forward Times was there in the lovely Discovery Green Park on May 28, 2014, at one o’clock in the afternoon where the Houston community celebrated with Dance the Dream at 50 a series that commemorates the 50th Anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s iconic "I Have a Dream" speech that was delivered on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C.

Dr. Martin L. King Jr. wanted the American people to be judged by the content of their character rather than by the color of their skin. The goal of the entertainment Dance the Dream at 50 Houston strives through the arts to remember the past, and to empower today’s world to continue to make a difference and for the dream of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. vision for equality for all Americans to become a reality. Dr. Martin L. King Jr. believed that through non-violence the world will be a better place to live, he was a peace-maker. This project is a step in the right direction for an ongoing battle against discrimination. This celebration was well attended with an enormous amount of people who danced their faces off. Dance the Dream at 50 Houston is part of a worldwide music and dance tribute that celebrates the values and goals of the "I Have a Dream" speech.

Dance the Dream at 50 Houston is directed by Jane Weiner and is produced by Mr. Richard Karz. Dance the Dream at 50 Houston features an original arrangement of Stevie Wonder’s hit "Heaven Help Us All," with the South African Youth Choir. The performance is being taped for a feature documentary, titled The Dream, and for New York City’s World Peace Day event in Times Square, set for Sept. 21.

Sightings and program remarks included Mr. Keith Garvin of KPRC Local 2 who served as the programs emcee, Mr. John Guess of HMAAC CEO, Mr. Richard Karz producer of Dance the Dream at 50 Houston, & Freje Randall dancer & program participant.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Houston Monument

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Forward Times was on deck to witness the unveiling of Houston’s newest monument, the statue of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in MacGregor Park on Saturday May 24th. It was simply historic and all of the community was there to witness the statue being revealed to everyone. There was plenty of celebration but it’s duly noted that the late great Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s statue did not come free of controversy as it took decades of planning, organizing, and re-organizing for the statue to make its final debut.

The crowd was enormous and the weather was steamy nevertheless the statue of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. stands tall in Houston’s south side. The community really does shine brighter with a statue of the late great Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. This monument will serve as a reminder to recognize, sustain, and keep Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. legacy and dream alive forever especially here in Houston. The Martin Luther King Jr. statue in Houston is significant and still shows that civil rights is as important in this country more than ever.

Sightings & special guests include: Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee, Congressman Al Green, Martin Luther King III, Mr. Thomas Lambert President & Chief Executive Office of Houston’s Metro accompanied by Mr. Terrence Fontaine, Sheriff Adrian Garcia, City of Houston’s Council Member District D Mr. Dwight Boykins, Texas State Representative Sylvester Turner, Texas State Representative Senfronia Thompson, Texas State Representative Ron Reynolds, Mr. Ben Hall, Dr. Elwyn Lee of the University of Houston, Rev. William A. Lawson of Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church, Dr. Thomas Freeman of Texas Southern University, Algenita Scott Davis, J Xavier, Mr. Ovide Duncantell, the Black Heritage Society, Sandra Hines, and many others were there to witness this historic evening.

Civil Rights Game Faith Forum

Panel of Pastors

Forward Times along with NAACP Houston Branch, Houston Astros and Major League Baseball were the proud sponsors and partners of the Civil Rights Game Faith Forum Luncheon held at the Diamond Club at Minute Maid Park that took place on Friday, May 30, 2014. The historic luncheon’s theme was Faith and the Movement: Past, Present & the Future. The faith forum was held to mark a special place in our history and to honor the legacy and life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and how he led our country from legal segregation and racial isolation toward civil rights and economic opportunity for all.

The panel included some of Houston’s prominent leaders of faith that included: Rev. William A. Lawson (Pastor Emeritus Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church), Rev. Manson Johnson (Holman Street Baptist Church), Dr. Ed Montgomery (Abundant Life Cathedral), Bishop James Dixon, II (Community of Faith), Minister Robert Muhammad (Southwest Regional Minister of Nation of Islam), Rev. William Cumby for Pastor Remus Wright (The Fountain of Praise Church).

The faith filled luncheon was the tip-off to honor the Major League Baseball Civil Rights game being held here in Houston on May 30th at Minute Maid Park in Downtown Houston. It was awesome you should have been there! Ms. Melanie Lawson of ABC-Channel 13 served as the programs emcee. Way to go Houston Astros for being a great host. Faith and ice cream really does go together.

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