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Atima Omara Atima Omara
05 February 2014 Written by  Forward Times Staff

Young Democrats Of America Mark Black History Month With Voting Rights Act Push

The Young Democrats of America marked the start of African American history month by remembering the victories of the civil rights movement and the forward march to a "more perfect union."

"As we begin African American history month, we pause to remember that we stand on the shoulders of giants as we pursue an America that lives up to its promise of delivering life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all," said Atima Omara, President of the Young Democrats of America.

Omara is the organization’s first African American president and Montica Talmadge serves as the organization’s first African American woman to serve as YDA’s Democratic National Committewoman, one of the organization’s three official representatives to the DNC.

"While Atima and I have made organizational history, we remain committed to ensuring that everyone involved in the youth progressive movement can advance to our level, regardless of race," noted Talmadge.

"The Young Democrats of America remain committed to protecting the right achieved by the civil rights movement, especially voting rights," added Omara. "Currently, we are working to raise awareness and promote co-sponsorship of the Leahy/Sensenbrenner fix to the Voting Rights Act section ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court last year."

The Young Democrats of America currently have an active petition advocating co-sponsorship that has reached more than 160 Members of Congress. The petition is active at bit.ly/VRAFix.


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