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04 June 2014 Written by  Nicholas A. Norman

Can Bill O’Brien’s Texans win with the current QBs and fix the Andre Johnson situation?

 When Bill O’Brien was at Penn State he worked with two quarterbacks that were considered average, but both years O’Brien coached both guys above their level. So my question is can O’Brien get the most out of Ryan Fitzpatrick, Case Keenum or Tom Savage? 

Ryan Fitzpatrick is a backup quarterback that had a few decent seasons but he isn’t what you would consider your franchise quarterback. Case Keenum proved he wasn’t ready yet, he was inconsistent and needs some work. Tom Savage is an unproven rookie who most likely will be second or third on the depth chart, so what does this mean for the Texans?

The only glimmer of hope that I see in these quarterbacks comes from an unlikely place, Matt McGloin. O’Brien came to Penn State and Matt McGloin was the quarterback, he had two decent years before O’Brien got there and then during that time McGloin had his best year statistically.

In 2011 McGloin had 213 attempts, 125 completions, 1,571 yards, eight touchdowns and five interceptions with a passer rating of 118.3. Compare that to 2012 where McGloin had 446 attempts, 270 completions, 3,271 yards, 24 touchdowns and five interceptions with a passer rating of 137.7 and you see that maybe Bill O’Brien can make a quarterback play better.

I am not convinced by the numbers, they don’t tell the real story, if you look at it, it simply looks like he threw the ball more often. His attempts and completions are almost double his prior year, it looks like he was simply asked to throw the ball more. The two things that do stand out are the touchdown and completion percentage, he threw three times as many touchdowns and his completion percentage went from 54 percent in 2011 to 60 percent in 2012.

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It’s unclear if that means O’Brien made him better or just made him throw the ball twice as often, which produced twice the numbers he had the year before. Houston Texans fans can hope O’Brien is some sort of quarterback expert who makes average guys play far beyond their level. Maybe Fitzpatrick, Keenum or Savage will have an amazing year, finally getting Andre Johnson double digit touchdowns for the first time in his career.

As Andre Johnson continues to add drama to what has been a relatively offseason for the Houston Texans, management is not doing any better by letting him sit out of OTAs without trying to come up with a solution.

The overall management by the Texans of this result is an “F” because they haven’t reached out to Johnson much and have not figured out whether he wants to remain a Texan or seek a trade, after Johnson claimed that he isn’t sure if Houston is the place for him. Johnson has been with the franchise his entire career and had plenty of patience even though he was stuck on many horrible Texans teams until they finally made the playoffs in 2011, but as they’re on the cusp of a new rebuild, they’re not showing much of a concern or reaction to his words.

It’s not usual for someone who’s had so much loyalty to one franchise to start complaining about the team’s direction, and the Texans overall handling of the situation has been terrible. If they’re going to keep him or get rid of him, via trade or release, they need to find out soon, before this drama continues any further.

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