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01 July 2014 Written by  Nicholas A. Norman

Serena Williams withdraws from Wimbledon doubles match due to illness

It was a scary situation on Tuesday at Wimbledon, as Serena Williams and sister Venus took the court for their second-round doubles match at Wimbledon, only to retire after just three games because of some disorientation from Serena.

Serena, who lost in the third round of singles Saturday, looked out of sorts from the moment the pre-match warmup began. It was an odd scene, as the 32-year-old American had trouble collecting tennis balls from the ball kids and whiffed on some practice strokes.

Serena struggled in her warmup for the match, mishandling balls and looking totally out of it, and that continued as the match was expected to begin. Prior to the match, Williams could barely focus enough to volley a ball over the net. She had trouble doing simple things like tossing a ball up to serve it.

Serena was seen with tears in her eyes as trainers came over to check on her as Venus sat next to her, and while they did go on court to begin the match, you could tell right away that something was not right with Serena Williams.

The Williams sisters dropped the opening game, but it was when Serena was set to serve that you could really see something was bothering her. It wasn’t long after this that the sisters decided to retire down 3-0, and while we haven’t heard from Serena, yet, I’m sure plenty more will come from Wimbledon as we check to make sure everything is okay with the No. 1 player in the world.

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