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08 July 2014 Written by  Nicholas A. Norman

Will Andre Johnson play for the Houston Texans this year?

 It’s been nearly two months since Andre Johnson questioned if Houston “was the place for (him) me.” Johnson also talked about how it was frustrating for him that the team had very little success, only making the playoffs twice.

It’s now been just about a month since he didn’t show up at OTAs or minicamp. Johnson has not publicly requested a trade, but it seems as though he is implying it. 

For starters, it’s easy to understand his frustration. He’s been consistently a top-five receiver in the NFL even though the best quarterback to throw to him was the very inconsistent and mistake-prone Matt Schaub. In 11 seasons with the team, he has 927 catches for 12,661 yards and 61 touchdowns. 

 He’s turning 33 years old this week, and that’s usually an age when receivers start to see a big decline in production. Johnson knows he’s running out of time to win a Super Bowl, and if that’s what he wants most, it doesn’t make sense to stay with a team that’s essentially rebuilding. 

With another mistake-prone quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick being named the starter, it doesn’t seem like a good chance for Johnson to lead his team back into Super Bowl contention. Although there’s been very little news regarding Johnson in the past few weeks, things will start to heat up soon. 

Because this late into the offseason he hasn’t requested a trade, it’s very safe to say Johnson will start this season with the Texans. But if they’re struggling mid-season, he could find himself traded at the trade deadline, or even in the offseason. 

Needless to say, it’s going to be a very interesting season for Johnson and the Texans.  

Bill O’Brien, the Texans’ new head coach, is coming in with a new philosophy, and when it comes to a new coach it takes time before everyone is on the same page. O’Brien was previously the head coach at Penn State and before that was the New England Patriots’ offensive coordinator. O’Brien’s job will be to get his team to pick up on the changes that will be implemented for the team and find the best players that give him the chance to win. 

He has playmakers on both sides of the ball, but being an offensive minded coach the return of Arian Foster from injury should be a plus. One other player that will make O’Brien’s job a lot easier is currently upset at the direction the team’s heading.

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