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09 April 2014 Written by  Jeffrey L. Boney

Disrespecting African American Consumers: Male Employees at Chacho’s Physically Assault African American Females


The City of Houston has become the center of attention thanks to cell phone video footage uploaded on the Internet from a major altercation that took places at the major restaurant chain, Chacho’s, located in the Galleria area on Westheimer Road. The video has garnered over one million views on the Internet and continues to shock those who have viewed it.

According to police, the fight, which occurred on April 3rd, began after three African American women, who were patronizing the restaurant, asked employees of the restaurant for a "to-go" cup in order to take their alcohol outside of the establishment.

According to reports, the ladies had been at the establishment the night before and had been allowed by an employee on that night to leave with a "to-go" cup for their alcohol. Things quickly changed on the next night.

According to reports, the ladies returned to the restaurant the next night and asked for another "to-go" cup, to which they were denied by the manager on duty. The women then proceeded to ask the manager for a refund and he became disrespectful to the women and used the "B-word" to address them, which escalated the problem.

According to reports, when the manager refused to provide "to-go" cups to the women, because they had alcohol at their table, one of the women attempted to go behind the counter to get a "to-go" cup herself.

That is when an all-out brawl began.

In the video, you can see the female customers standing at the counter and then all of a sudden one of the employees comes from behind the counter and aggressively and forcefully grabs one of QXthe women, with the intent of dragging her out of the restaurant. The women began to defend themselves, but several other male employees joined in and physically attack the women with brute force.

In the video, one employee headlocks one of the ladies and then another employee throws one of the women to the floor. The brawl between these African American female customers and the male employees of Chacho’s was enough to prompt Quanell X to call a protest at the restaurant this past Sunday.

Nearly 100 protestors showed up at the restaurant, but moments before the protest got started, the owner of the restaurant wanted to have a meeting to discuss the incident. According to Quanell X, he was approached by the owner John Burke and the General Manager, to talk about the incident and while in that meeting, Quanell X says that the owner admitted to him that his employees handled the situation wrong and promised to bring in a third party to conduct a full investigation. In the meantime, the manager of the restaurant has been terminated, but no one has been arrested or charged with a crime.

However, Quanell X says that more must be done and has demanded that all employees who were involved in the brawl and all those who failed to report the incident be terminated and has challenged the Harris County District Attorney’s Office to file criminal charges against the employees who physically assaulted the women.

"The behavior of these employees at Chacho’s was sickening and speaks to the value that they and many others place on Black women," said Quanell X. "Truth be told, if a dog had snuck in to Chacho’s and had stolen a burrito and was physically assaulted like that, somebody would be in jail now for pounding, punching and wrestling that dog to the ground, and more importantly that dog would have received more respect, sympathy and support from people who value a dog more than they value our Black women. We’re absolutely outraged and disgusted by the character of this restaurant’s employees."

The family of the three women involved in the assault has obtained legal representation and are planning to file a lawsuit against the restaurant chain. The video has now been handed over to the women’s attorney and will be used as part of this investigation.

The Houston Forward Times will keep our readers updated on the status of this case.

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