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23 July 2014 Written by  Jeffrey L. Boney

A Difference Maker- A Force for Change: Powerful African American Dickinson ISD Trustee Retires

Rosella Scott is not your run of the mill elected official.

For 18 years, Scott served on the Dickinson Independent School District’s Board of Trustees and was a trusted and dedicated public servant to the community. Last month, Scott decided to fully retire and give up her post as School Board Trustee in order to spend more time enjoying her family and friends. Prior to her retirement, Scott was the longest serving School Board Trustee in the State of Texas.

As a matter of fact, Scott was one of the first African American females to serve on the Dickinson ISD school board. Her retirement is significant, in that Scott has always been involved in the school system and has had a focus on being a community organizer and affecting change.

A defining moment in her life came at an early age, when she was instrumental in helping get Dickinson schools integrated in the late 1960s. This action helped ensure that her children would not only receive the best quality education, but it was the catalyst behind her decision to become a public servant to help all children, not just her own.

In 1964, Scott spearheaded the process of saving Dunbar Middle School when it was slated to be closed. Dunbar, the only traditional Black school in Dickinson, was on the list to be closed due to its deteriorating condition. Scott fought against all odds to prevent the closure of Dunbar and as a result of her efforts Dunbar was renovated and remains a vital part of the Black community in Dickinson today.

Scott has always had a heart for children. For the past 21 years, Scott has owned and operated Ms. Rose Day Care Center in Clear Lake, Texas.

She and her husband, Klimite Scott, recently celebrated their 64th wedding anniversary and from their union they gave birth to eleven children. She also has twenty-five grandchildren, thirty-five great grandchildren and two great-great grandchildren. In spite of her large and close-knit family, she is thought of as a "mother" to thousands of other children whose lives she has impacted as a day-care operator.

Sheryl Taylor, one of her nine daughters, says Scott showed all of her children love and attention and did everything she could do to make sure they were able to pursue a quality education.

"She (Scott) not only owned a day care, but she became a parent to so many people," said Taylor. "She has been such a great influence to so many other children and it makes me smile whenever I see other people want to call her ‘Mom’. She left a great mark on the Dickinson ISD school board and we can only hope that all trustees serve and fight for their community and kids like she did for those 18 years."

As a mom of eleven, Scott has learned many fun and positive ways to incorporate her own style when it comes to parenting and raising other people’s children and hopes to do more of that now that she has officially retired.

She has focused on making a difference and mentoring young children, especially young women.

We at the Houston Forward Times salute Rosella Scott and say job well done…….job well done!

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