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09 October 2013 Written by  Jeffrey L. Boney


Michael HarrisThe unfortunate saga involving KCOH Radio 1230AM is continuing to fester.

At a press conference held in front of the famous KCOH glass studio window, which Harris called home for 38 years, Harris announced that he had filed a lawsuit against Jesse R. Dunn and called on him to resign.

Harris also has leveled new allegations against Dunn, that state the current leaseholder and President of the station used another company’s legal documentation to secure one of the loans that Harris claims to have signed for.

As reported last week, scathing allegations were made public by long-time KCOH Radio on-air personality Michael Harris, who abruptly left the station after accusing his former boss of financial mismanagement and attempted fraud on the community.

Harris stated that he signed to be a guarantor on a $30k line of credit, a $100k line of credit and a $34k equipment loan; all with three different institutions, because he had good credit and wanted to help the station.

Harris filed a criminal complaint with the Houston Police Department (HPD), accusing Dunn of taking a business debit card that was addressed to him and using the card to spend money on gambling and other personal expenses.

In relation to the loans, Dunn said that the loans were not taken out in Harris’ name, but were taken out in the name of the corporation, which he is the president of.

KCOH Radio retained long-time attorney and current State Rep. Harold Dutton (D-Houston) as their legal counsel. Dutton stated that the debit card in question belonged to the station, not to Harris and that Dunn had been instructed by his bookkeeper to use the debit card to keep track of all transactions that he performed. 

Dunn admitted to the Houston Forward Times that he indeed used the card to go gambling, but said that he was well within his right to perform the transactions because he owns the company and is authorized to do so. Dutton claims that Dunn was simply paying himself back from the initial investment of over $200k that he made into KCOH Radio.

It appears this story is just heating up, but in the meantime the Houston Forward Times will continue to provide its readers with the most up-to-date information regarding this ongoing saga involving Dunn, Harris and the future of KCOH Radio as we receive it.

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