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Av32_ipad_mousepp of the Week goes to RemoteMouse. You are in the middle of typing a document and the mouse stops working and, you don’t have extra batteries, if it’s wireless. Or, your keyboard just gives out. Now what? Do you stop to spend time to find batteries? Or run to the store to buy another mouse or keyboard? Not yet! Now, you can turn your iPhone or iPad into a mouse and keyboard.

Key Features

Main mouse functionalities featured, including click, double-click, right-click, scroll and drag

Both portrait and landscape mode mouse touchpad supported

Wireless control of your computer anywhere in your room

Works under WiFi and 3G Network

Compatible with Windows 7, XP, Vista, Mac OSX Lion/Snow leopard/Leopard

How to use Remote Mouse on iPhone/iPad

Make sure you have turned on the Wi-Fi of your iPhone/iPad and connected your device to the LAN of Mac/PC, to which your device is connected to (Mac/PC and iPhone may need to be connected to the same router).

In order to sync your device with your computer, please download and install Remote Mouse on your computer first via

If the Firewall of your computer asks to block Remote Mouse, click no, please don’t block it.

Install Remote Mouse on your Mac/PC and run it.

Run Remote Mouse on your iPhone/iPad, click the “Auto Connect” button. Or enter your computer’s IP address, then click the “Connect” button.

Now you can control your computer via your iPhone/iPad: tapping on your device screen is equal to clicking the left mouse button; tapping on the screen with two fingers is equal to clicking the right mouse button; sliding two fingers on the screen is equal to sliding the mouse wheel.

Rotate the iPhone/iPad to the left to switch to the full screen keyboard. Rotate the device to the right can switch to the full screen mouse touchpad.

If you want to reconnect, on the iPhone, place the iPhone upside down. On the iPad, click the gear button, then choose “Disconnect” to return to theconnection menu.

Technology continues to amaze me with the electronic function and features we can now perform without cables.

Jacqueline Lawson is the Managing Editor and Digital Media Director for the Houston Forward Times. She is also a technology expert, speaker and consultant. Contact: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ,

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