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v34_markrobertsonWell hello Gospel Lovers,

I am so happy to be a part of a column that shares with our readers the happenings in the community of Gospel Music and special events.

In this column you will get to know Houston's Top Gospel Artists up close and personal as well as revisit a gospel event you may have attended the week before.

We will also share with our readers the names, dates, places and times of many of Houston's upcoming Gospel events around the city.

We may even give you our opinion about a cd release or gospel movie review...

Yes, everything you want to know about Gospel will be in this column for your reading pleasure.

You don’t want to miss one segment of this column; so as TD Jakes would say, Get Ready Get Ready Get Ready.......

Don't you blink. Your church or gospel group may be the talk of our next issue of the gospel news column.


Greetings and Salutations

Gospel in HTown is alive and well.

So let’s get started:

On August 5th through August 10th 2012, The National Quartet Convention 2012 was held at Rosehill Missionary Baptist Church, 3911 Holman St, Houston, Texas. For the first time in 15 years, quartets from all over the nation were scheduled to appear; groups from as far away as Chicago Illinois, and as near as Arkansas.

The National Quartet Convention was organized by the late great JJ Farley of the Soul Stirrers in 1947 who, by the way, were Texas Boys from Trinity and Pennington, Texas.

Mr. Jesse James (JJ) Farley managed and sang with the group from 1936 until his death in 1988. Just prior to his death, Mr. Farley interviewed with Mr. Linwood Heath about his relationship with the renowned Sam Cook who got his start with the Soul Stirrers, and upon his leaving the group to sing secular music, came back after much success and offered the group an opportunity to be the first Gospel Group on the Sam Cook record label which they accepted. Mr. Farley's greatest desire was to put in place an organization that would help preserve quartet singing in America. He would have been proud this week.

The Convention started off Sunday night with a grand musical featuring some of Houston's finest quartets.  New Creations kicked it off with a powerful performance. I noticed some new faces; however, that powerful sound had not changed.  Then Houston's second oldest female quartet group, The Owens Sisters (the red heads) took us back with their rendition of I've Been Redeemed, Been Bought with a Price sung acapella with perfect harmony. We just don't hear that style of singing much anymore. Six-time Stellar Award nominee, Endurance, was up next and they set even my soul on fire. Love that Old Fashion Church singing ― it takes us back to those old days when church was church and every song had a meaning. And last but not least was that one-man wrecking house, Bro. Melvin East ― if the Bible is right then somebody else is wrong. He said you can’t get to heaven with a sweetheart and a wife. Keep on singing the truth Bro East.

Well, we want to thank Bro Lonnie Clay, President of the Houston Chapter for an outstanding job in bringing this Convention to Houston  and according to him, the powers that be are very interested in doing it again next year, we hope so....

The Bible says: And I will give you Pastors according to mine heart, which shall feed you with knowledge and understanding. (Jeremiah 3:15).

August 12, 2012 ― The 5th Ward Missionary Baptist Church Family, 4300 Noble Houston, Texas 77020, celebrated their Pastor and Sister Leonard Barksdale's 18th Pastoral Anniversary as well their 38th Wedding Anniversary both at the 8:00 am and 11:00 am services.

The FWMBC sung out of their souls at both services. But the highlight of the evening to me was during the "We Salute Our Pastor" segment of the Anniversary, right after the Fifth Ward Young and the Fifth Ward Lambs of God Praise Dancers performed.

That’s when Rev. Claude Cummings III took the podium to express his salute to his pastor. He had to remember the great race horse Secretariat. He reminded us of how many races he won, and upon his death how the autopsy revealed that Secretariat's heart was much larger than a normal horse's heart of 12 pounds. Secretariat's heart was 22 pounds, about 10 pounds larger than that of any other race horse.

Rev. Cummings used that analogy to compare the love, kindness, and compassion of his Pastor to that of others..... Those words exploded into a standing ovation and a thunderous applause from all of us attending that took several minutes to calm...  If he had been running for President of the USA he would have won, sorry Mr. Obama...

Rev. Bobie Hampton of the First Mt. Nebo Baptist Church, Houston, Texas, was the speaker at the 8:00 hour and Rev. Dr. Joe Samuel Ratliff of the Brentwood Baptist Church spoke at the 11:00 hour. He encouraged us by reminding us that bad things sometimes happen to good people, but sometimes that thing we see as bad might be a blessing in disguise...Awesome.

We then convened to the Carl Walker Fellowship Hall for dinner and let me tell you, you don't go to see Jesus until you have been privy to the food prepared by the kitchen staff at Fifth Ward Missionary Baptist Church. It’s finger-licking good...

Well, it’s time to sign off. Stay locked right here. We hope to see you at your next event. I sure would like to write about it in my column.  God Bless!


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