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v41_jbspeaksNEWSFLASH...I interrupt your regularly schedule broadcast to drop this nugget of truth.  

Oh, and let me preface that this isn’t an “I made it and you didn’t” rant or an “I’m better than you” stance.

This article is directed at those who continue to make excuses for people who can do better and choose not to. In other words, it’s just the honest to God’s truth. There is a saying that folks should just “Keep it Real!”   Well, I’m all about keeping it real!

Some people need a swift kick in the butt, while others may simply need someone else to challenge their current paradigm.   Either way, people need to stop encouraging ignorance and refrain from being enablers who perpetuate that ignorance.

Truth be told, folks need to stop making excuses for people who can do better. Enough is enough already. The folks I am speaking of are the people who continuously make excuses, over and over again, for people who can do better for themselves and in their lives, yet choose not to.

As I grew up in the inner-city of Houston, Texas, I had countless friends whose families were on government assistance.   How can I forget one of my homeboy’s mom selling her food stamps and using the money to play Pitty-Pat? Or seeing my other homeboy’s mom go off and get mad at the government employee who was explaining to her that she was going to be required to get off of welfare and start working? Oh yeah, had to include my other homeboy’s mom, who had a couple of “sugar daddy’s” in her life what paid some of the bills and gave her some additional spending cash. These are all true stories. I’m giving it to you straight….no chaser.

Want to know what these three ladies had in common, that was visibly consistent? All of them were able-bodied females, who could seek out gainful employment, but had become comfortable with their government dependency situation.   Even when challenged by family members and friends to do better, they refused to change and eventually raised children who had a similar mindset.   It becomes a cycle.

Oh ok, I can hear the folks now that may be reading this saying, “Jeff, you don’t understand. Everybody isn’t as resourceful and knowledgeable about things as you have become.   You have to be patient with people and reach them where they are.”

Now let me say it as straight-forward and direct as I can…

I don’t have to reach many of them to let them know when “Love & Hip Hop” or “Basketball Wives” come on do I? I don’t have to reach many of them to let them know how to access government assistance do I? I don’t have to reach many of them to let them know when the new Jordan’s are coming out do I? I don’t have to reach many of them to let them know what time the game comes on or the party starts at their favorite club or hangout spot do I?

And yeah, I know everyone is different, so you can’t group everyone together.   We live in an information age, where anyone can retrieve information at the touch of a button. And you can miss me with that, “Oh, well everybody don’t have a computer at home, Jeff” nonsense. Almost all of us have Android phones, smart phones or iPhones or iPads these days.

Let’s be real.  

For those that don’t have these phones, most of them have access to the Internet, either at home or through a local library.   So, when it comes to seeking out information, there really is no excuse. There is no excuse for ignorance in this technological society. Anybody who wants to learn anything about resources and information that can better their lives need not look further than the Internet or the local library to find what they need. All a person has to do is seek it out.

So many other groups have taken the Civil Rights playbook that Blacks created to help them rise from the ashes of slavery and Jim Crow, and have used it to advance their own causes and agendas.

Open your eyes.

And what do we do? Complain, as usual, about things as if we are still living in the 60’s. Talking just seems to be all most folks want to do these days. Many poverty pimps promote the downtrodden nature of people and their communities, hating to see progression because that impacts their bottom line.

There is BIG money in trapping people in a life of poverty, government dependency, illiteracy, limited education and sickness. So, why can’t people just call a spade a spade and tell the truth?

Many of the folk in our community just don’t care and that’s the absolute truth.   When will we take a stand and stop making excuses for them and giving them a crutch to use, to operate below their God-given potential?


I have been living long enough to know that if something is important to us, we will figure out a way to get it, make it happen or be a part of it.

Booker T. Washington walked miles to go to school and studied with dim lights and shined shoes to educate himself.


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