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banner-manson-johnson_thumb307_THE BIG IDEA: Faith causes true believers to exhibit the type of care that exemplifies favor they desire for themselves.

Ruth 1:15-18; Ecclesiastes 4:9-12; Romans 8:28

Each step that we take as believers brings us closer to where God wants us to be. Our destiny of favor is not only tied up into who we are but how we carryout our living on our way to winsome and blessed living. At the exact time that Christians personally decide to exercise the God-kind of faith God’s providential care plan begins to perform and perfect its work toward them at the same time. Therefore in your journey toward your destiny of favor you must watch your thoughts; they become words. Watch your words; they become actions. Watch your actions; they become habits. Watch your habits; they become your character. Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.

I. The divine rule for engaging THE WINNING WALK THAT WINS FAVOR FROM GOD is by faith. By faith we move from:

  • PROMISE = God’s covenant or agreement
  • PERSECUTION = a defining act of testing
  • PRACTICE = a demonstration of the God-kind of faith
  • PROSPERITY = a supply or sufficiency from God

II. Ruth’s sacrifice: the goal of desire; 1:15-18

A. The T.E.A.M. by Dr. John C. Maxwell

B. What team means; Ecclesiastes 4:9-12

  • Prosperity; v. 9
  • Purpose; v. 10a
  • Partnership; v. 10b-12a (influence/contribution)
  • Power; v. 12b

III. Recruiting the team players: the franchise team is set up (start up group)

A. The famine (1:1–2): An Israelite family (Elimelech; his wife,

Naomi; and their two sons) leave their home in Bethlehem to escape a famine and move to Moab.

IV. Reality sets in for the team: the team lineup changes

V. Returning to Bethlehem

A. Frustrated but arriving in a fruitful season; (1:19-22)

B. Ruth’s mission of “mercy” (eleos) ; 2:1-2

Mercy recognizes a need to be met and also grants the needed supply to meet the need as needed at the time needed and at the level that the supply is needed…therefore, the purpose of “Mercy” is to adequately meet needs as they arise.

C. Ruth meets Boaz (Boaz is a representation of mercy)

1. “The Boaz encounter”; vv. 3-13

The selection process; vv. 3-7

The satisfaction of providence; vv. 8-13

Boaz provides a way to prosper for Ruth; v. 8, 9

Ruth is humbled with her provisions; v. 10

Ruth recognizes favor standing in her face

Boaz is pleased with Ruth’s humbleness toward Naomi; v. 11, 12

Ruth’s makes her petition for the favor of Boaz; v. 13

2. “The Boaz encourager”; vv. 14-17

His invitation to dine; v. 14

His instructions to the field workers; v. 15, 16

Ruth’s investment pays off; 17

D. Ruth and Naomi plan together as partners; vv. 18-23

1. Ruth supplies Naomi; v. 18

2. Naomi blesses Boaz; v. 19, 20

3. Ruth confides in and bonds with Naomi; vv. 21-23

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