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McHaleHouston Rockets head basketball coach Kevin McHale has lost his youngest daughter, Alexandra “Sasha” McHale at the young age of 23.

Sasha McHale, who was known as a “daddy’s girl”, according to Rockets assistant coach Kelvin Sampson, died Saturday morning in Minneapolis, after a long battle with lupus. She had been hospitalized with a condition related to the autoimmune disease.

Kevin McHale has been on leave since November 10th to deal with what the team called a personal family matter. During his absence, Sampson has been the interim coach. There is no timetable for Kevin McHale’s return.

Team owner Leslie Alexander said in a statement that he extends his “deepest condolences” over the loss of the McHales’ “beautiful daughter.” He called Kevin and his wife Lynn “loving and dedicated parents who will need our continued support throughout this very difficult time.” He said the “entire organization is mourning.”

There was increased optimism about the condition of McHale’s daughter last week, but the team received word last Friday that she had taken a turn for the worse.

“Everybody was praying and thinking about Kevin and Lynn and Sasha,” Coach Sampson said. “I don’t begin to imagine what they’re going through losing a child. There should be a law of life that parents don’t have to bury their children.”

“Kevin and Lynn are great parents. It’s been a blessing getting to know them as friends; however, losing a child puts this stuff in perspective.”

Sasha was one of five McHale children along with Kristyn, Michael, Joseph and Thomas. They are a close family who have invested a lot in the play of their father’s team.

Funeral arrangements are pending, but plans are in the works for the team to travel from Oklahoma City to Minneapolis after Wednesday’s game.

“We just want to be a stronger family, a stronger unit, and let Coach know he can rely on us, his family can rely on us,“forward Patrick Patterson said. “His sons are like brothers to us. They’re always up here as ball boys or joking around the locker room. We’re a tight-knit family. We want them to know we’re here for them.”

The Houston Rockets must carry on as if their head coach is still present, or as point guard Jeremy Lin put it “We want to play McHale’s brand of basketball to make him proud!”

Mike Tyson ‘Cares’ About the Kids; Launches Children’s Charity

Mike Tyson has launched his very own children’s charity which aims to “give kids a fighting chance” by providing innovative centers that address the comprehensive needs of kids from broken homes.

The “Mike Tyson Cares Foundation” will also provide such essentials as healthcare and school assistance, shelter, mentoring, job mentoring and any other needs that the foundation deems necessary for the child in question seeking assistance, reports CNN.

The foundation will host a fundraising gala at the Las Vegas hotspot, TABU on Dec. 7, with proceeds going toward Vegas-area charities, The Shady Tree Foundation and Awakenings, which also further the mission of Tyson’s organization.

“I am very proud to launch Mike Tyson Cares Foundation,” said Tyson. “I want my legacy to be about charity and helping children. This is my start.”


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