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GodPeople from all parts of the country are still mourning the loss of life, due to the horrific tragedy that took place last Friday, December 14, in Connecticut.

If you haven’t heard, let me give you a quick recap.

On the morning of the tragedy, a 20-year old man armed with two semiautomatic weapons made his way into Sandy Hook Elementary School and unmercifully opened fire on as many people as he could find, including innocent elementary school students.

This sick and twisted individual (I refuse to mention his name to give him any undeserved attention) managed to kill 27 people; 20 of those 27 were elementary school children between the ages of 5 to 10.


Prior to the school massacre, news reports indicate that he also shot and killed his mother.


This is truly a horrific tragedy, but the usual response that many people give when something like this happens is also tragic.


What you find is that a lot of people are always looking for someone to blame.   They blame politicians, gun advocates, law enforcement, the lack of mental illness detection and most often GOD!


The way that God gets invoked into the discussion is always a puzzling one to me.


Those that may not believe in God or question His existence, tend to ask questions like, “How could God allow something like this to happen?” or “Where was God in this situation?”


Actually, both questions serve as an accusation about God, insinuating that God sits idly by and does nothing while embracing evil. The questions also serve as a person’s indictment of God, that somehow He isn’t concerned about us; otherwise He would have prevented it.  


This is so off-base because according to the Bible, when God made Adam He gave Adam dominion over the Earth, or in other words, what happens in the Earth. So, God didn’t create robots, He created human beings that would willfully submit to serving Him and following Him.


If God intervened into every situation on the Earth, without our permission, then we would no longer have dominion over the Earth. There is nowhere in the Bible that you can find that God took dominion back from mankind. We still control our actions and what we do and don’t do in the Earth.


The other statements that people make, on the opposite end of the spectrum, are statements like, “That’s what happens when you take prayer out of school.”


While I honestly do believe that every student should be allowed to exercise their religious freedom at school, somebody please tell me how the lack of prayer in school would have prevented this awful tragedy?


The lack of prayer in schools had nothing to do with a mentally unstable and sick lunatic, coming to a school and killing innocent people, including children. Are you saying that if some of the teachers, faculty and students had prayed that morning, the tragedy wouldn’t have happened?


Sometimes, in people’s zeal to advocate for God, they need to use some common sense too.


Would the 12 people who were killed and the 70 others who were injured by shooting suspect James Holmes at a midnight screening of “The Dark Knight Rises” in July at a Colorado movie theater have been spared by God if they would have prayed before the movie started?


For some that read this, I know you may believe I am being facetious, but in actuality I’m not. The statements that are often made like this, whenever tragedy strikes, take the emphasis off of the root cause of things.


Isn’t prayer effective anywhere?   If we pray at home, or on our job or while driving in our car, doesn’t the same God that hears us there, hear us everywhere?


Isn’t a prayer heard by God in the United States, effective for someone in Europe? I say a resounding, YES!  


I believe in the power of prayer and I believe in the One who hears those prayers. I refuse to blame Him for everything evil that happens in the world. More importantly, I refuse to allow people to continue putting the results of our actions on Him either. We control what we do and how we do it here on the Earth.


At the end of the day, none of this is God’s fault!

Jeffrey L. Boney is Associate Editor for the Houston Forward Times newspaper, a Next Generation Project Fellow and a dynamic, international speaker. Jeffrey is the Founder and CEO of the Texas Business Alliance and is an experienced entrepreneur and business development strategist. If you would like to request Jeffrey as a speaker, you can reach him at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


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